A time where there was nothing, something came to be. A boy named Edward a human in the bottom of the food chain the weakest of the weak someone treated like trash, has uncovered a dangerous secret. This secret will take him to the top of the power system the world has, however he won't get there without problems


1. Prologue


Long before the dinesore era and long before god came to be there was nothing but that nothing was thought to be something and so something appeared out of nothing and that something was a small star. The star was the center of everything yet nothing because it was the only thing there. The star was alone and as small as it was it began to shrink, but then the spark of life began to grow in that star and so it started to attract life and everything els with it. The star grew bigger and bigger by the second until it finally stopped, we call this star the sun.
    More then a millennia has passed and now we are in the year 1620 with 5 year old Edward. Edward, a child born from an uncaring mother and an unknown father. His mom makes money by selling her body and stealing from people. Edward has been treated like trash since the moment he was born by his mother and every one els including kids his age. Every time he goes into town people around him thro stones at him but this does not happen without reason, Edward is blamed by the towns elders of seeing Edwards so called true form. This true form they speak of is Nessus, a famous centaur from Greek mythology.  Do not be deceived Edward is not Nessus however it seems the elders have sent the thought to be descendants of Heracules to slay the young Edward.

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