A time where there was nothing, something came to be. A boy named Edward a human in the bottom of the food chain the weakest of the weak someone treated like trash, has uncovered a dangerous secret. This secret will take him to the top of the power system the world has, however he won't get there without problems


2. Flash back

Satan: "hey Rey how long are you gonna stay standing in the gate come on get a move on." He said with a low and cold voice, a voice that holds no emotion.

Rey: "how many times do I have to tell you to call me by my code name when we are working"

Satan: "ok ok, just go get Cerberus  we need him this time" he said with an anoyed look

Rey: "very well, just go open the gate to earth now." 

Satan went to open the gate and Rey went to get Cerberus. As Rey was doing what he was told to he began to recall, how came to be known as joker.

(Flash back)

mom: " Edward go outside and play, mommy has to work." She said without hint of feelings.

Edward: " NO!! I want to stay here with you." Edward said as he started to cry.

Customer: " HEY!!! woman, get rid of that brat or els." He said wile pulling her from the hair.

Edward stood there as he saw his mother get hit over and over again. The guy wouldn't stop he beat Edwards mom repeatedly, Edward grew scared and cunserned for his mother. He ran as quick as he could to the kitchen searched through the drors, until he finally found what he was looking for. Edward ran back to were his Mother was at.

Edward: " u meanie, let mommy go" Edward rushed at the man as fast as he could. He lifted the knife he had in his hand thrusted at him with all his might.

Customer: "you brat... How dare you" the man said with a raging tone 

the man managed to avoid a fatal wound by blocking with his forearm, however he was still injured. The man reached for his pocket and took out a gun.

Customer: "you.. STUPID BRAT!!!!!!!"  He screamed from the top of his longs, and shot the the kid right on the head.  

So much Blood was gushing out of Edward but for some strange reason he was still alive. He was still conscious as well however he could not move a muscle and his heart was not even beating.

Customer: "I won't say I'm sorry... He got what he deserved, that little brat." He said with a slight smirk.

Mom: "o-oh it alright, he was only a pain in the ass to keep around... And things are better this way."  She said without any care for the kid.

Edward: *wh-what... Is this how... She really feels about me?*

She continues "you know I was thinking of getting rid of him myself."

Edward: *i see, so why fid she keep me around?*

Mom: "I was receiving more money because he worked a little but it's not that much of a big lost."

Customer: " Hahahaha poor child makes me feel better to know I ended his pathetic life." He said laughing 

The man looked at were Edward was from the corner of his eye. He saw something strange.

Customer: "w-What's going on... H-hi-his body is fading!!"

(End of flashback)
Joker: " well, time to get to business." 

 Joker holds the ability to bend reality as he sees fit. even defying logic is no great task because he was the one who created logic, however these powers lay dormant deep in him before he even existed. the power in him has started to leak ever since he killed his mother in cold blood yet he does not yet remembers who he really is... He is, the creator. now that he deems human kind worthless he lurks in the shadows in wait for his plan to come in play and soon a great was shall begin. The Great War with humans, gods mythological creatures, devils, demons and many more creatures from all of history.


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