A Simple Melody

When I first saw you I felt it was hard to breathe. Your eyes captivated me and took me a fairytale land where everything was perfect. Unicorns pooped rainbows, giraffes were tiny, and the clouds were made out of cotton candy! Ahhh your eyes! The way they sparkled in the moonlight that night! My name is Melody and this is how my life was turned around Forever!
It was a normal day, going to school. I'm in 12th Grade so this is my last year in high school. THANK GOD! I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer that's for sure. I'm a straight C student. Schools boring so I don't every try anymore. My parents think I make all A's. I always edit my report card before they get it that is. Any ways.... A normal day, or so I thought!


2. Chapter 1


The bell that marked the end of 6th period rang. I had P.E my favorite class..... Because it doesn't involve learning. I hoped on the bus to head home. There was not as many people as there usually was which was kinda strange. I just kind of ignored it.

When I got home I did what the normal, unsmart (you can tell I flunk English) teenager did. I watched TV and did not do my homework. A new episode was on from my favorite was on. I started watching the exciting episode but was falling asleep at the same time. You would think I wouldn't be tired since I sleep in all my classes but I was exhausted!

When I woke up I had been sleeping for a good 4 hours which is unlike me! It was 7:24 when I woke up. My mom gets off at 4:30 so she should be home by now. I look at the driveway but there's no cars there. I look for the phone but can't find it. Then suddenly I hear it ring under the couch cushions. It's My dads calling.

"Hey Dad"

"Hi Melody is your mother home yet?"

"No" I replied "she hasn't called either!"

"Ok, I tried calling her but she didn't answer. Well anyways I'm on my way home"

"Ok dad see you soon"


"Bye! Oh wait Dad I forgot to ask you something. Can I go over to Macy's House?" (Macys my best friend)

"No honey not tonight"

"Why?" I said angrily!

"Just no honey you are over there to much."

"Fine BYE!!" I yelled into the phone. And hung up. I soon drifted back off to sleep angrily.


The phone rang. I grabbed it with my hand and clicked talk. "Hello is this Melody Phillips?"

"Um...… yes who is this?"

"This is Officer Young I hate to bring bad news but your father been killed."

"Wait What How?"

"He was in a car accident. A drunk driver ran a red light and hit the drivers side 60 mph. When we got there he was dead. I'm so sorry."

"Oh my God!" I cried.

" Your mother was in the passenger seat she had broke down on the side of the road so your father picked her up."

" Is she ok?"

"She's in the hospital in critical condition."

" NO!!"

" I am so sorry Miss.Phillips. We have neighbor heading over now."

"Ok thank you. Goodbye!" I was in so much shock I couldn't cry just mourn.


Hey everyone thanks for reading! Hope you like it! Everyone should go read @sara_14__ she has amazing movellas!

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