I hate love stories. Any novel or book that starts with "I hate love stories" I shrug off and mumble "bullshit." I hate the fake love scene where they obsess over this "Perfect guy" and always screamed about how the girl was smart and pretty, but what I hate more was the stories that pretended they weren't such bullshit.
You see these romance stories all the time, he saw her and she saw him and it was perfect. He was handsome she was beautiful and everyone thought they were perfect. She was scared, but he new what to say because the world is perfect like that.

I'm calling Bullshit.



My best friend Janelle was towering over me with a burning red face and a vain that looked like it wanted to burst. I could feel her resisting to strangle me as she hollered "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" She was bubbling with anger over how i reacted when Jacob had asked me to sleep with him. "You're supposed to say 'no get away from me pervert'!" She spoke through clenched teeth, "Not 'oh maybe, hey wanna hear my relationship problems that you'll probably use against me later'!" Her stomps echoed through her empty house as she marched towards me. I stepped back until I fell into her fluffy pink chair. "Is there anything else you want to tell me?!" She hissed. For a freshmen Janelle knew how to be terrifying. 

"Well," I answered sheepishly, "I'm going to his house this Sunday."

Janelle froze in place. She stared at me with her ice blue twitching eyes. I thought she was going to yell again, but instead she just deflated and simply asked in a defeated tone "Why?" 

I let out a heavy sigh and stared at my thin-spider like hands, "His girlfriend is a lot like Sean."

"Sean your ex?" She asked with her hand on her hip and her face suddenly fool of life. I just nodded.

Suddenly she started laughing, "Since when can a girl abuse a guy? Besides didn't you say Jacob was ripped."

"Yeah, but that doesn't mean he can't be abused. I mean guys were always told never to hit a women, but girls were never told to never hit a man." I answered her with new found confidence. 

Janelle paused for a moment and played with her messy auburn hair, "Well, maybe he's lying?"

"I had to tell him she was abusive."

"STILL!" She snapped at me with her finger in my face, "You're really gullible. You don't want to end up with another Sean do you?" I just silently shook my head, "Then don't go over to his house on Sunday." 



Later that night my little orange flip-phone began buzzing on my pillow. I flipped it open expecting to hear from Dakota, but instead I see an unknown number.

605-555-3245: Hey, it's Jacob.

"Great. Just what I need." I thought to myself, yet I still found myself messaging him back.


Jacob: How are you?

Me: Ok

Jacob: Good. Now honestly

Me: Honestly, I'm kind of lonely. Dakota hasn't text me since yesterday morning.

Jacob: Aw :( I'm sorry. I bet I could make it better for you on Sunday ;)

I find myself rolling my eyes even though he's not here.

Me: Too bad you can't 'cause you have a girlfriend. And you know that's not why I'm coming over Sunday.

Jacob: Fine. We won't mess around too much, but if I'm trying to make you feel good don't stop me ;) ok?

I don't know if it was what Janelle said, or if it was the fact that I was revisiting old memories of Sean, but I just snapped. I typed out the fastest text I've ever sent.

Me: No. If I tell you to stop you stop. Otherwise I won't be seeing you Sunday.

A few minutes start to drag by. I begin to feel my anxiety approach me. I hug my legs to my chest and wonder if he is going to say that I was going to sleep with him. Maybe he wont listen to me when I come over on Sunday. What if it was just some guy Dakota convince to see if I'd cheat on him? What if he just doesn't give a shit anymore? Suddenly my phone buzzed and startled me out of this trance.

Jacob: I'm sorry. I'll stop. I didn't mean to upset you I've just been under a lot of stress because of . . . well you know. You'll still come over though right? I really could use someone to talk to about this.

I felt a small smile touch my lips. Was it from my relief? Or was it because he still wants to see me?

Me: It's ok I just don't want anything bad to happen again. I'll still come over.

Jacob: What happened?

Me: What do you mean?

Jacob: What was the bad thing that happened?

I hesitated before I texted him back remembering Janelle saying "He'll probably just use it against you."

Me: It was just a bad relationship. That's all.

Jacob: Sean told me a bit of what happened. We took gym together. It's kind of funny I was feeling bad for you and wondering why you would stay in that kind of relationship while I was in the same boat.

Me: Haha I guess it is kind of ridiculous isn't it.

Jacob: Yeah :) . . . Soooo . . . can we sext?

Me: Goodnight See you in Choir

Jacob: Damn. Goodnight.

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