I hate love stories. Any novel or book that starts with "I hate love stories" I shrug off and mumble "bullshit." I hate the fake love scene where they obsess over this "Perfect guy" and always screamed about how the girl was smart and pretty, but what I hate more was the stories that pretended they weren't such bullshit.
You see these romance stories all the time, he saw her and she saw him and it was perfect. He was handsome she was beautiful and everyone thought they were perfect. She was scared, but he new what to say because the world is perfect like that.

I'm calling Bullshit.


3. The Questions

By the time the five of us reached the choir room Mrs Furggy, our other choir teacher, was rushing down the hall shaking every red bundle of robes. "We have to go! We have to go!" She repeated to every sleepy student. I don't know if it's normal to have two choir teachers, but ever since middle school I've always had two.

Suddenly Mrs. Furggy darts her eyes at the five of us. Her look was a simple bus-now kind of look. One by one we scurried past her with a quick apology for being behind. As we approach the busses Alissa and Jessica vanished amongst the students attempting to find the right bus. Each bus is for a certain choir; girls coral, cadet choir, and concert choir. Our choir, cadet choir, is the largest choir therefore we need two busses.

"Where do we go?" Jacob leaned over and asked with his wide eyes darting between the scrambling choir kids.

I give him a small smile and grab his red choir sleeve. We pushed through the robed students and climbed onto our bus with Tyler shuffling behind us. Once on the bus Jacob vanished down the walk way in between the suddenly energetic choir. I tip-toed around shiny black shoes and long red choir sleeves. "Still going to sit with me?" Tyler asked as he followed me close behind. "Yeah sure."

Honestly, I'm not really comfortable sitting with Tyler. It's not because he's a big guy; it's because he keeps trying to ask every girl in school out. He tried asking me out over the phone after I said I'd sit with him, but I told him I don't date guys I don't know. Every time I date someone I didn't know well to begin with I get really uncomfortable. We're practically strangers, yet I'm still expected to kiss him. Those relationships are lucky to last past a week.

As I shuffle forward in search of an empty seat I felt a strong hand grab my wrist and pulled me down to the seat next to me. Of course Jacob pulled me down. He gave me a crooked smile and said "I thought you could use a rescue."

I rolled my eyes at him "He's not that bad."

"Hey!" Tyler said when he reached us, "I thought you were going to sit with me."

I felt my eyes widen with empathy, "I'm sorry." I tried getting up to join him, but Jacob gently took my wrist again. I turned to him and found his dark brown eyes flicker. After years of helping depressed friends, and of course experiencing my own traumatic moments I knew Jacob needed someone to talk to. "Tyler, I'll sit with you on the way back." I said as I sat back down.

As Tyler slumped in the seat behind us I give Jacob a confused look, "Why?"

Jacob shrugged and just said "Maybe I wanted to sit with you too."

"Is that so?"

"Yeah." Jacob said before staring down at his hands on his lap, "I just feel like I can be myself around you . . ."

I smiled like an idiot. Every time someone says they feel safe enough to be themselves around me I just feel relieved. It feels like I don't have to hide from them. "Yeah it feels like that for me to." I could already feel myself blushing a little bit.

For the first half of the ride to Brandon Jacob and I confessed back and forth. We told stupid secrets, silly dreams, and asked as many awkward questions we could. It feels amazing to be honest to someone for once. Especially in high school where everyone wears a fake smile. Honestly, I think most people who drink and do drugs don't do it for the high. Instead they do it for the excuse to finally be themselves without consequence.

The longer I and Jacob questioned one another the weirder the questions got. Jacob kept leaning against the window with his shiny shoes on the seat and his knees up to his chest. I was sitting with crossed legs facing him. He was staring at me with a smug smile on his face after I answered yet another awkward question.

I felt a sinister smile of awkward revenge cross my lips, "What's your weirdest turn on?"

Jacobs smug smile vanished and he stuffed his face into his knees, "Not fair." He moaned.

"Aw come on." I groaned back, "I just told you my biggest fantasy this is nothing."

A small chuckle escaped him before he looked up at me, "Behind the knees."

"Your so weird." I said as I fell back in my seat.

Jacob stared at me with dark brown eyes and a surprisingly happy smile from someone who just told a naughty secret.

"Done staring?" I asked with a silly smile.

Suddenly, Jacob asked the question "Would you have a one night stand with someone?"

"Oh no." I laughed.

"Why not?"

I shrugged, "I'd get too attached to the person. If I can sleep with someone that means I found something in them I love. I couldn't handle just being some girl they fucked once. . . . What about you?"

Jacob glance down as he answered, "I would."

I gave him a skeptical glance, "Even while you're dating this girl."

Jacob nodded. He looked up at me, "I was asking because I really want to have a one night stand with you."



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