I hate love stories. Any novel or book that starts with "I hate love stories" I shrug off and mumble "bullshit." I hate the fake love scene where they obsess over this "Perfect guy" and always screamed about how the girl was smart and pretty, but what I hate more was the stories that pretended they weren't such bullshit.
You see these romance stories all the time, he saw her and she saw him and it was perfect. He was handsome she was beautiful and everyone thought they were perfect. She was scared, but he new what to say because the world is perfect like that.

I'm calling Bullshit.


6. The Dare

"It is?" Jacob asked me with a worried look. Maybe I should have kept my mouth shut. He probably would've figured out by himself, but who would he have to go to when he did? What if he never would've found out? What would've happen to Jacob?

I leaned in and gave him a hug. He squeezed me really tight when I said, "I'm sorry."

Jacob shushed me before whispering "Don't be." When he let me go I peeked into the church to find Mrs. Con trying to round up all the students for lunch.

"Hey we got to go." I said to him.

Suddenly his shocked face lit up with a big goofy smile, "FOOD!" I would've laughed at him if I wasn't starving too.

Ever so slowly each choir kid from each school filed into the waiting buses. Mrs. Con described once more that we were stopping at Hy-Vee, clovers, and Hardies for lunch. We weren't allowed to cross the street because no one needs to get hit by a car today. 

Once we finally squeezed into the bus everyone began to strip off the heavy red robes. The choir kids were free from their sashes. Even though we were all covered with the thick red cloth the students in choir had a dress code to follow for what we wore under the robes. The boys needed nice black pants and a dress shirt while girls needed to wear a dress that wasn't too long for the robe. So once everyone had their robes off we all looked like a fancy group of high school students.

I was surprised to see the rebellious Jacob actually followed the dress code. Either way he looked nice in a white dress shirt. I was just happy to get the heavy robe off. My white dress needed a slip under it so it wouldn't be see through, but slip, plus dress, plus heavy robe, plus too many people in one room equals out to a very sweaty teenage girl.

"You look sexy." Jacob said with a smile on his face.

I roll my eyes at him. My dress wasn't even sluty. "Girlfriend." I said while pointing.

His smile turned proud with his response, "Are you asking or reminding?" I felt a hint of blush touch my cheek and I just shake my head at him. "So," He started as he scooted towards me, "Is things reeaaallyyy ok with you and Dakota?"

"Don't be a douche." I said while flicking my sash at him.

He placed a hand on his chest and made an over dramatic hurt expression, "UH, why would you think I'd every do that?" he spoke with a weird high pitched voice. I couldn't help but giggle at how stupid he looked. He calmed down before asking again, "Seriously though you seem really sad sometimes."

"Or maaaaaaybe, just maybe, I get really annoyed when someone badgers me for sex."

He crossed his arms across his chest, "You probably done worse than me."

I laughed, "Doubt it." Jacob gave me one of those sideways glances that pretty much screams "BULLSHIT." "Really? You think I've done worse than you?" Jacob just shrugged his shoulders with a smug smile on his face. "Ok fine. I got a game we can play."

Jacob suddenly loses his smug smile and replaces it with a child like wonder in his eyes. "Go on . . ."

"It's weird." I started, "It's called Innocence. What you do is name something you've never done like I've never ever rode a bike and those who have loses a point. You have ten points, one for each finger, and who ever loses all their points first lose and have to do a dare." I watch Jacobs eyes light up when he hears the word "dare" and quickly added "No prostitution. I'm not doing sexual favors over a dare." I don't know what worried me more; the fact that he didn't seem disappointed with my last minute rule or the fact that he already had a never-had-I-ever.

Jacob had a big cheesy smile on his face as he says "Never have I ever sext." Just like that I lost a point.

"Never have I ever had sex with a girl."

"Well that's disappointing." Jacob joked as he put down a finger.

This weird game jumped back and forth between the two of us until we were both only three away from a frightening dare.

"Never have I ever had sex with someone I didn't date." I said with a proud smile. Quickly my smile turned from prideful to humored when Jacob place one finger down, "Who was she?" I asked in a teasing tone.


He looked down with a light blush on his cheeks, "His name was Logan."

My eyes grew wide and my face flushed red as an "Oh." escapes my lips. After a few moments of silence I asked "Bisexual?"

Jacobs eyes grew wide with regret, "Nope. Bi-curious." Jacob jumped on the next question, "Never have I ever spoken Chinese."

My eyes narrowed down at him as I lowered a finger, "That was a cheap shot." All he did was sit there with a champion grin. The grin didn't last long before I mentioned, "Never have I ever played a base guitar."

"Pay backs a bitch." He mumbles as he lowers his finger. "Never have I ever had sex on a couch."

Yet another finger was lowered. "Never have I ever gone skinny dipping."

"Neither have I." He replied with a sly smile. I listened wide eyed and worried that I'd have to do a dare for him. "Never have I ever . . .  kissed a guy."

"Bullshit." I responded almost immediately.

He shook his head and threw his hands up, "I never kissed a guy."

I raised my eyebrows at him as I asked, "You didn't even kiss Logan?"

He placed his hand on the back of the neck as he mentioned, "Well no, I mean it was a one night stand and . . . he kind of got the better end of the deal."

"Did you-"

"Can we not talk about it." He busted out in a nervous laugh as his face turned bright red. 

"I guuuueeess." I groaned.

Without missing a beat Jacob blurts, "SO about that dare . . . " I give him a worried look. "How about . . . 10 seconds I get to touch you where ever I want."

I give him an annoyed glare, "How about no. What did I say about the prostitution thing?"

"Hey I'm not paying you or anything. It's just a dare." He said more to defend himself than justify his reason.

"No. Pick something else." I spoke like a strict parent.

"Well what would you pick?" He asked in an honest voice. Looking back now I guess I could've told him an embracing dare or to make him my slave for a week or something, but all I could think about was what Dakota was telling me last night.

All I asked him is how is day was and what he did. It's normal to ask a long distance partner that . . . right? Either way he snapped at me saying I was trying to frame him or catch him in the act of something. If I dare asked why he wasn't talking to me much he'd burst into a huge rant about how clingy and whiny I was about it. The worst of it was when he called. For some reason I was always frightened when my phone rang and it was his name on the screen. It made me want to curl up on my bed and hug my legs or a teddy bear.

"Cuddling." The word slipped past my lips.

"What?" He asked confused.

I let a smile touch my lips, "I'd dare you to let me cuddle with you. It's been a long time since I been able to hold someone like that."

I didn't look over at him, but I had the strangest sensation that he was smiling, "It's been a while since I cuddled too." There was a long pause between us. It wasn't silent. It wasn't like we were hearing the stillness in our voices. It was almost like we needed to pause and realize just what we were saying.

"You should come over Sunday." He said in a low soft voice. He looked over at me before he added, "It would be really nice if I could see you Sunday. I'll cuddle you too I promise."

I gave him a shocked look, "Your stealing my dare?"

A cocky smile touched his lips, "Noooooo. I dare you to come over Sunday."


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