I hate love stories. Any novel or book that starts with "I hate love stories" I shrug off and mumble "bullshit." I hate the fake love scene where they obsess over this "Perfect guy" and always screamed about how the girl was smart and pretty, but what I hate more was the stories that pretended they weren't such bullshit.
You see these romance stories all the time, he saw her and she saw him and it was perfect. He was handsome she was beautiful and everyone thought they were perfect. She was scared, but he new what to say because the world is perfect like that.

I'm calling Bullshit.


1. Guess this is where we start


The halls of Lincoln high school were littered with students stumbling around in red robes early that Wensday morning. Despite our teacher, Mrs. Con, constantly reminding us not to get the white trim dirty students were dozing off on the school floors. Amongst the sleepy students were nervous freshmen pacing the chorus room while the vetrain singers kicked back and tried to talk some sense into the new singers. Even though me and my sister came to school together she vanished within the red sea the moment we walked into the doors. I guess I wouldn't mind her absense if random people stopped asking me where she was.

After nearly 11 years of singing I was use to this mess, and my stage fright was nothing but a ghost. Though, when it came to my friend Jessica she was jittery and light headed before every show, and Alissa enjoyed picking out my faults in every note I sing. I try to calm down Jessica best I can, but Alissa would be offended if I dare ask her to focus on her own singing. Suprisingly enough I remember when I use to try to catch every mistake a singer would make so I could feel better about myself, so I let Alissa nit-pick through my singing.

While waiting in the crowd of robeless students me, Alissa, and Jessica scanned the "robe sheet" searching for our numbers. After nearly 11 years of singing it still takes me an annoying 10 minutes to find my robe number.

"You're so sloooooooooooooooow." Alissa moaned as she shuffled away from me. She was wearing a mis-match band t-shirt with a white skirt, her hair was thin and dark brown, and she had a scar on her chin that I never had the nerve to ask about.

I simply shushed her without taking my eyes off the stupid piece of paper. Jessica found her number before me and glided past me to Alissa to keep her compainy. Jessica was a wonderful misfit. She had that gothic scene look with a long history of crazy hair colors; Jessica wore her usual skull dress and her hair was blonde and black, but some how she could pull it off with out looking like Cruella De' Vil.

My two unusal friends drifted away to find their actual robes while I still stared at the menacing numbers. In the midst of my search a low voice spoke behind me, "You're number 22." I turned around to find the kid from my speech class looking down on me. His brown hair was a goofy foe-hawk, he had big dark brown eyes, and his skin was so tan I assumed he was Latino at first. Despite only being a handful of inches taller he still had to look down to look me in the eyes.

"Thanks Jacob." I said with a goofy smile as I wondered into the line infront of the robe room with Jacob following close behind. Ever since our first day of second semester Jacob and I have been casually talking to each other like we've met before. Who knows? Maybe we have, but my wonderful memory hasn't recorded it.

Jacob held out a travel coffee mug and asked in his low voice "Want some?" I already knew it was that insanly good tea that Jessica would always steal from him, so of course how could I resist.

After handing back his travel mug I felt my curiousity overflow and questions begin to spill out, "Did we ever meet before second semester?"

I watched as he tilt his head to the left and his dark brown eyes draw a blank. Finally he turned to me and simply shrugged. A "huh" slips out of my mouth before he answers "I have no clue, but it really feels like it. Doesn't it?"

I nodded as we finally reach the robe room and request our robes. A few minutes later Jacob was trying to find a replacement robe after finding out his was missing, and I'm sliding a red robe over my white dress. The worst thing about the robes isn't the heat or the tears in the sleeves; the zippers on the robes are the most stubborn zippers I have ever encountered. The best thing about the robes isn't feeling like the most majest creature on the planet; the best thing about the robes is watching new choir students struggle with the zippers. Jacob was new.

I have no idea if this makes me a bad person, but I let him struggle until he gave up before finally helping him with it. I've only been using these robes for about two years and we only use them four times a year so the zipper and I fought for a good five minutes before it finally did its job.

"So you wanna sit with me on the bus?" He asked as he zipped up his robe the rest of the way. We have to go out of town for this choir trip to sing infront of the other school choirs, and being one of the best choirs in our area we get a lot of shit for simple mistakes.

I shrugged while placing my sash around my head "I don't know. Tyler actually called me yesterday to ask if he could sit next to me on the bus today."

Jacob slightly tilted his head to the side and said "That's a little strange." I gave him a ya-think look and pulled my dirty-blonde hair into a ponytail.

As if on cue Tyler came up behind me towering over me and Jacob. Tyler was a big guy with short hair and glasses who moved to Sioux Falls only a few weeks ago. He looked like a happy monk in his red robe. He let out a big smile and said "Hi."

"Hey Tyler." I said as I turned to him. Suddenly my eyes widened and my eyes darted from Tyler to Jacob and then back to Tyler.

Tyler began to turn white, and Jacob had a worried look on his face. "What?" They both asked hesitantly.

"Noooooooooooo." I moaned as I shuffled toward Jacob and turned his white sash around. "You both have this on backwords." I mummbled when Jacob raised an eyebrow at me.

 "By the way," Jacob started as I played with his sash, "You should come to my locker with me."

I gave him a suspious glare "Why?"

Jacob raised his travel mug and instantly I blurt "Ooooh, I got to put my stuff away too."

Tyler quickly fixes his sash and adds "I'll go with you." before shuffling after us.

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