In The End

Belle and her friend Diamond, are in love with Black Veil Brides. What will happen when Belle and Diamond finally get the chance to meet them? Will there be love? Will Belle and Andy fall for each other?


7. Chapter 7.


Me and Diamond get home from the mall around 7 and we walk inside the house with our spare keys that Andy and Jinxx gave us. We live with them now. We walk inside the house and all the boys are staring at us with worried expressions. Andy jumps up and runs over to me. "Belle! You had me worried sick! Where were you babe?!" Andy screams. "YOU DO LIKE BELLE!" CC and Jinxx scream from the background, piercing my ears. "No I don't." He says. I look up at him and I run upstairs and I start crying and I lock my door and I do what I do best. Cry and cut.. I soon find myself passed out on the floor.

Soon I wake up and Andy is sitting next to me with tears flowing down his face. He sees me and he looks at me. "Belle..why?" He says. "Why would you do this..?" He cries. "My parents died in a crash and you said you didn't like me.." I say with tears in my eyes. "How long have you been doing this..?" He asks. "Since I was 12..." I say. "Belle, the reason I said I didn't like you was because it's true. I don't like you..I love you Jazzabelle.." He says with his eyes sparkling. I look at him and I cry.."I'm sorry for doing this..I love you too." I cry. The next thing I know I end up in his arms crying and not even minutes later we fall asleep.

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