In The End

Belle and her friend Diamond, are in love with Black Veil Brides. What will happen when Belle and Diamond finally get the chance to meet them? Will there be love? Will Belle and Andy fall for each other?


5. Chapter 5.

We were still at the meet and greet and it was almost over so me and Diamond were getting our jackets and that's when the guys stopped us. "Do you guys wanna stay at our house tonight?" Andy said. "We don't want such beautiful girls getting all lonely tonight." Jinxx said which made us blush but I blushed more. "Uh, yeah sure. We'll be at your house later." I said with a big smile on my face. We all then exchanged numbers and Andy kissed my cheek and me and Diamond left.

Later that night Andy had texted me his address so me and Diamond were on our way to their house. "I wonder how tonight's gonna go." I said to Diamond with a little bit of worry through-out my voice. She just shrugs and we get out of the car.

We knock on the door and legit less than 3 seconds later, Ashley opens the door and screams "ANDY YOUR GIRLFRIEND IS HERE!" Wow. Didn't think he could be so loud. Damn. "She isn't my girlfriend....yet." He smiles. "Hey guys come-in." We walk in and our mouths literally dropped to the floor. "YOUR HOUSE IS AMAZING!" I screamed. "Not as amazing as you." I heard Andy whisper. "Hey girls, let me take you guys to your room." Jinxx and Ashley say at the same time. "Alright." They walk us to our room and we unpack and go back downstairs. "Let's play truth or dare!" I yell. Everyone says okay and Jinxx goes first and it lands on Ashley. "Ash, truth or dare?" Jinxx asked alittle too excited. Uh oh. "Dare." Ash says. "I dare you to lick that pole over there!" Ashley walks up to it and licks it and sits back down. Why do they have a pole in their house, you ask? We'll don't ask. Ashley spins the bottle and it lands on Andy. "Andy, truth or dare?" Ash says a little disgusted. I would be too if I licked a pole. "Dare." Andy said excitedly. I swear this man is perfection. "I dare you to kiss Belle." My eyes go big and the next thing I know my lips are connected to Andy's. The kiss lasted a minute until the boys reminded us to stop. "Best. Night. Ever." We whisper at the same time. "Let's go to bed." Diamond says and we head up to our room and Diamond sleeps with Ashley, and I sleep with Andy.

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