In The End

Belle and her friend Diamond, are in love with Black Veil Brides. What will happen when Belle and Diamond finally get the chance to meet them? Will there be love? Will Belle and Andy fall for each other?


2. Chapter 2.

I woke up in the morning in my cut up batman shirt and my batman pants. I was going to see Black Veil Brides tonight! I quickly turned around and woke up Diamond. "Diamond wake up you little motherfucker!" She woke up looking irritated. "What the hell, Belle." She said. "The concerts tonight you dip shit." We're so nice to each other. She jumps up from the bed and gets dressed. "We need to go shopping for clothes then! Damn, why didn't you wake me up earlier you bitch!" She said a little too excited. "Sorry, damn."

1 hour later we were driving to the mall. They were playing at the O2 arena in London so it was nearby. We stopped by the O2 arena to pick up our tickets and then we left to the mall. Once we got there me and Diamond immediately went to our two favorite stores. Spencer's and Hot Topic. "Belle, what are we gonna wear?" She said. I already knew what I was gonna wear. "I don't know what you're gonna wear but I do." We went separate ways and I went over to the batman shit. I found this really pretty batman tank and some black jeans sitting right next to them. I walk over to the cashier and I buy the clothes. I then walk back over to Diamond. She was almost done too. "What about this for tonight?" She held up a batman 'I Love Jinxx' t-shirt and Batman leggings. "I like it." She bought her clothes and we left. We were ready for tonight.

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