Red Rose

Her love is like a rose


2. Chapter 1

“Grace! Go get me a can of beer!” I shout and her head peeps around the corner. “Do you want one that’s cold or from the box?” She asks, batting her long eyelashes. “A cold one, of course, are you stupid or something?!” I exclaim and she just disappears. “Get Andy one too!” I shout and he smiles. “She just does things for you?” He asks and I nod. “She is in love with me.” I say just as she walks in. She hands me one and him and I smile. “I am kind of hungry, make me a sandwich.” I say and she nods. “Do you want one too Andy?” She asks but he shakes his head and she nods again and walks off. “I wish my girl would do that.” He says and I shrug. “Mine is one of a kind.” I say just as his phone beeps. “Speaking of my girl, I need to go, I will talk to you later Kel.” He says and I nod and he gets up and leaves. Grace walks in and looks over at the couch Andy was currently occupying then at me. “Where did Andy go?” She asks and I shrug. “He had to go, did you finish my sandwich?” I ask, crossing my arms and she nods, walking up and setting the plate in my lap. She sits on the couch and I look at her. “Um, what are you doing? Do you see this table? It’s dirty, all of these dishes and empty beer cans.” I say and she gets up, picking up some cans and making her way back to the kitchen.


It’s ten o’clock so I go to the office room where Grace is silently reading and I yawn. “Come on, it’s time for bed.” I say and she looks up at me. “Can I finish this last paragraph?” She asks and I roll my eyes. “Come on Grace, you know you sleep at ten o’clock sharp.” I say and she nods, closing her book and getting up and she walks out of the room, her strawberry scent just below my nose as she goes to our room. I follow her, turning off the TV and then I go to our room. She is lying in bed and I lie down and wrap my arms around her, roughly pulling her against my body. “Goodnight Kellin Bear!” She says and I just grunt, closing my eyes and falling asleep.

Authors Note

Hello lovelies, chapter one, no hate on Kellin because I doubt he acts like this, it just goes along with what will happen :) -Over&&Out

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