Hi, I'm Thane, but my real name is Thanatos, no not the the Greek god Thanatos. My parents named me that, don't know why. Anyway this is my story.


2. Stops and Surprises

Talia stopped at a rundown cabin with some barbed wire fencing in the back. A girl about 14 years old runs out of the house, straight towards the barbed wire fencing. Talia opens her door and races towards the girl. She shouts, "Maria Nicole, get your scrawny ass back in the house!". "Maria" stops not even ten feet from the fence.

I step out of Talia's car, walking towards them, watching Talia speak calmly to her. I can see Maria trembling, looking around like someone's after her. Her wrists are scarred, from where she has cut herself, I guess. Maria looks at me, like I may hurt Talia. I pull the hoodie off, causing the gauze to tear and rip. Once I finished pulling the hoodie off, I heard the stitches ripping as well.

Maria stares at me, the scratches that I got from jumping out of that window. Talia stares at me and then at Maria.

"This is what happened when I let fear rule my life today. My brother's got me scared shitless, he never understands why I act the way I do. When he's drunk, it's scary, but it's worse when he's drunk and pissed off. A few times  he's beaten me when he's drunk. If you think whatever you're going through is worse, think again. I'm sorry if I have offended you, Talia and Maria.".

Maria blinks a few times, clearing away some tears. Talia looks at me, her eyes filling up with tears as well. Talia says, "Maria, go back insisde, please.". Maria nods and heads back into the house. I look at Talia, fear on her face.

"Maria is a schizophrenic, she thinks people are after her, that's why she was running.". I nod, I have an aunt, who's 15 year old daughter and my cousin that has schizophrenia. Talia and I walk in and I set in a kitchen chair. Talia sits across from me, staring at me again. She keeps staring at me probably wondering about my life. 

She says, "Can I ask you a few questions.". I nod and say, "Ask away.". 

"I know this may be difficult as a first question, but, why does your brother hate you?".  I think back to when I was 16 and Carson was 19, our father was home drunk as usual.

------------------------Flash Back---------------

I heard the storm door slam, Dad screaming his shit faced drunken head off. Carson looks over his shoulder, watching for dad. I run to my room and hide in the closet. Closing the door I could hear Dad beating the living hell out of Carson. I knew he'd come for me next, but he never came. I silently walk back to the living room to see Marsa, my twenty two year old neighbor, three big muscular cops, Carson being loaded onto a stretcher, a fourth cop putting Dad in hand cuffs and Aunt Melissa and my cousin Terrina. 

*Two years later*

It's been two years since the cops came and put Dad in prison for domestic violence, for Dad beating Carson within an inch of his life. Everything that has happened to Carson he's taking it out on me, like Dad would do to him.

------------------------Flash Back Over---------------

I hear Talia shouting, "Thane! Thane, wake up!". I look at Talia. I'm laying on the kitchen floor, "What happened?". Talia says, "You passed out for about three hours. I'm sorry if I did this to you. I smile at her and then cup her face in my hands .

"No, I sometimes have blackouts. They started after my mom died. No, Talia, you did not do this to me.". She nods. Maria walks in and says, "Tay, there's a drunk man outside asking for a 'Thanatos'. Who's that?". I don't say anything, because I didn't introduce myself before I talked to her.

Fuck, fuck, FUCK, Carson couldn't have found me already, could he? I look to Talia for help. She says, "Hide in the closet here in the kitchen. I'll deal with your brother.". I look at the floor and say, "No. Both of you pack your things.". They don't question me and do as I say.

I could hear Carson outside still, then I hear a person shout, "Get the hell away from my property!". I crouch down and look through the window. An elderly man walks out of a work shop. He raises a shotgun towards Carson. 

Talia and Maria rejoin me, Talia carrying two bags. She whispers, "One's full of my ex's clothes he didn't want. Don't worry they fit and he just gave them to me, told me to give them to one of my guy friends, so I guess that's you, Thane.". 

I nod and she whispers, "Shit, I forgot Pawpaw was here. Fuck.". Maria does the 'tsk tsk' finger thing at Talia for saying the 'f' word. I shake my head and whisper to Talia, "Your Pawpaw has my brother at gun point.". Talia looks at me again and smiles. 

I hear Carson cuss Talia and Maria's Pawpaw out and then begin running away after.., I'm guessing here, after getting shot at. The back door opens and the old man walks in, gun still in hand.

"Tay, Maria, are you in here?" the old man shouts. Talia and Maria shout back, "Yes, Pawpaw!". The old man comes over to us, his eyes staring at me. He asks, "Tay, who's this?". Talia says, "Pawpaw Mark, this is Thane. Thane, meet Markus Redwing, mine and Maria's grandfather.": 

"Nice to meet you, Sir." I say. Markus says, "Just call me, 'Mark', Son.". I nod, knowing I will keep calling him, 'Sir'. Markus looks at the three bags sitting near us and says, "Going into hiding again, Tay.".

"Yes, Pawpaw. Maria is coming with me. Thane, too.".

"Who was that character that I shot at?".

"Thane's brother, who's is seriously drunk.".

"Is that true, young man?".

"Yes, Sir.".

Markus nods his head again and says, "Better get to it. Your brother's probably going to be back snooping around here again. Talia, I will call the hospital and inform your mother of what's going on.".

"Thank you so much, Pawpaw.".

"No problem, Tay.".

Talia, Maria and I walk back outside and get into Talia's Mustang after putting the bags in the trunk. From the rearview I can see Markus waving good bye to us. I look over to Talia and see a tear falling down her cheek. Maria asks, "Can one of you turn the radio on, please?". I hit the power button and the radio comes alive.

It's tuned into a country station that I listen to a lot. The song 'Up On The Ridge' by Dierks Bentley begins to play as we drive away, probably never coming back to this place again.


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