Hi, I'm Thane, but my real name is Thanatos, no not the the Greek god Thanatos. My parents named me that, don't know why. Anyway this is my story.


1. Running For My Life

"Thane!", I hear my older brother yell from the bottom of the stairs. I make a groaning noise and my brother yells, "Thanatos Nicolas Wolfe! Get your ass down stairs now!". I shout to my brother, "Get off my damn case! I have had enough!". I can hear my brother, Carson, running up the stairs.

"Shit, shit, SHIT!" I mutter under my breath. I jump up, thankful I'm still in my basketball shorts from last night, and take off running. I hid in the game room, locking the door behind me. I quickly think of a way to escape. I look at the window and get the stupidest idea.

I take off running and hit the window with horrifying precision. The glass shatters around me, cutting my back, torso, shoulders and arms. I scream, but no sound comes out. I land on the ground in agonizing pain, then I blink a few times. I stand up and surprisingly none of my bones are broken. I can hear Carson screaming his head off inside the house, probably searching for me.

I semi-jog, something I do when Carson is pissed off at me. About twenty minutes later I'm feeling light headed. Miraculously I make it to a parking lot and see the dimly lit of a hospital. A girl about my age is standing outside in scrubs speaking to another person.

I weakly shout, "Hello.". She looks over to me and says with a smile on her face, "May I help you? My name is Talia.". She then notices all of the cuts on me. She says, "Please come inside.". I barely nod before I pass out. I wake up a few hours later in a hospital bed with gauze all over my arms and chest. The Talia girl is sitting in the chair across from me.

I ask, "What happened?". She says, "You passed out.". I begin to ask 'from what', when I hear Carson, shit faced drunk, screaming his head off again. Talia senses my distress and takes the IVs out of my arm, adding more gauze to keep them from bleeding. She tosses me a hoodie,  some jeans and some combat boots. 

I nod and walk to the bathroom, change and come back out. Talia nods her head in approval and tosses me some sunglasses, then she says, "Pull the hood up over your face, take my hand and act like my beau. It will some what confuse your brother, I think.".

That's when the Dr. comes in and looks at me. Talia informs him of my situation and he nods his head. Talia leads me out of the room and to the hallway. I can smell the alchol on Carson though I am probably ten to twelve feet away. Talia and I begin walking faster, nearly running. We reach the staff parking lot and she let's go of my hand. 

She grabs a set of keys from one of the pockets of her scrub top. They're keys to a 2004 Mustang Cobra. I can feel my pulse quicken, because I love sports cars. She hits a button on this weird thing in the key ring and the doors unlock. She shouts, "Get in!".

I obey and slide into the passenger seat. She slides into the driver's seat and starts the car up. She puts the car in gear and speeds out of the parking lot like a bat outta hell. So now  I am on the run with a girl I barely  know, going to God knows where.

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