The Mistake

Kenna and Carly go on an amazing adventure together they both found something that they have never felt before. Carly is a shy 15 year girl that has an abusive father and Kenna is her best friend who is also 15. They go to some crazy limits together. But which one of them will make the biggest mistake of their life and ruin everything?


4. Plan Failed


I was scared to fulfill the plan. So what we did first is get out of the car we both walked up to the mansion door and stormed in we stopped in our tracks in amazement at how gorgeous it was then we snapped back in to reality. We walked into the front leading room and there sitting on the couch watching tv was Harry and Niall with our suit cases in the corner. We walked past them not even Acknowledging them. We grabbed our suit cases and walked out the door a few seconds later we heard a voice behind us "ur gonna be walking forever" we turned around at the same time and there was Harry leaning up agains his large flat. Kenna said angrily "i don't care!" Then we kept walking. Then once again Harry said "don't be stubborn". I said "why should we trust you?....again?" Then after that Niall walked out beside Harry, responded "because your both gorgeous" he answered for Harry. Me and Kenna both blushed with no response.


they both walked up to each of us and pulled us back inside. Neither of us hesitated. They sat us on the couch and told us to wait there then left. "So much for the plan" Carly said. Again I have her a dirty look. A couple seconds later Harry and Niall walked through the butler door with a tray of drinks all so fancy. They sat down on both sides of us. They gave us each a drink. And held our hand which was awkward but it felt so right. Their Irish and British voices were hypnotizing. Then after talking and explaining everything the door bell rang me and Carly waited on the couch and we only heard mumbling over towards the door.

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