The Mistake

Kenna and Carly go on an amazing adventure together they both found something that they have never felt before. Carly is a shy 15 year girl that has an abusive father and Kenna is her best friend who is also 15. They go to some crazy limits together. But which one of them will make the biggest mistake of their life and ruin everything?


5. Introducing and WHAT


Me and Niall walked over to the door and swung it open and there standing was Liam, Louis, and zayn. I invited them in and over to Carly and Kenna. They each shook hands. Until stupid me blurted out "Kennas my girlfriend" all of them looked shocked except for Carly and of course Kenna.


I stood up with so many thought trampling my mind. "WHAT?!?!" Harry looked at me speechless and kinda blushing. "WE MET AN HOUR AGO?!?! UM I DONT THINK SO!!!! i looked at Carly and grabbed her wrist and pulled her right out of the flat not even caring about our luggage.. I pulled he about half a block away and again repeated me self "WHAT?!?!" "IM NOT.... DATING....WHERE DID HE GET THAT IDEA?!??" There was so much to get out but I just couldn't. "We're leaving now! This is not how this trip was suppose to be!" As I start pulling her the opposite way from the flat by her wrist. She stops and rips her wrist away from me.


"What about our stuff?!?!" We'll get it later. kennas said harshly."Harry made a simple mistake! I mean hello he called us gorgeous!!!" "So what Carly did u hear what he said?!??" I tried to convince her to stay.


"ugh!!! Carly!!!! I know why u want to go back there!!! U like Niall!!!" No I don't, Carly come back with me he might and probably apologize!! Carly argued back. "Well... Fine!!" I gave in. Then we both walked back together.

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