The Mistake

Kenna and Carly go on an amazing adventure together they both found something that they have never felt before. Carly is a shy 15 year girl that has an abusive father and Kenna is her best friend who is also 15. They go to some crazy limits together. But which one of them will make the biggest mistake of their life and ruin everything?


7. Incident on the Stairs


Me and Carly headed downstairs I could tell she was frustrated with me liking Harry and wanting to stay.


So it all went ape crap when we got to the bottom of the stairs and Kenna ran into Harry literally ran into him. BAM both fell to the floor Kenna landed on top of Harry and me being her best friend laugh till I couldn't breath but then it went from super hilar to I'm gonna puke.


I walked over to go upstairs to tell the girls their food was getting cold but then BAM next thing I know Kenna's on top of me and my vision was blurry and all I could hear was Carly's obnoxious laugh then my vision focused and I couldn't help myself but Kenna looked so beautiful with the light shining down on her I kissed her bright pink lips


my head hurt so bad and to boot Carly was laughing so hard I could hear myself think about what was going on at the moment and then just as I was about the get off of Harry he smacks his lips on mine. But the weird this is I kinda liked it. and then Carly suddenly shut up. I pulled away and got off of him and I ran up stairs with Carly following me.

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