The Mistake

Kenna and Carly go on an amazing adventure together they both found something that they have never felt before. Carly is a shy 15 year girl that has an abusive father and Kenna is her best friend who is also 15. They go to some crazy limits together. But which one of them will make the biggest mistake of their life and ruin everything?


6. Apology & Too Much


I sat on the couch after explaining what just happened to the boys in shame. I explained that I just really like Kenna. Then behind me I heard a soft sweet voice say "you do?" I jumped up and said "um um um yeah?" Nervously. "Um Kenna I'm so sorry about that". She started to blush. So I finally took the girls on a tour of the up stairs. Then I opened up the last room at the end of the hall and announced "this is your guys room"


me and Carly both looked at Harry and gave him a what look. He said no need to stay at a hotel u can stay here. Again me and Carly exchanged looks and agreed fine. Then a couple seconds later the boys walked up the stairs, Liam carrying my suitcase and Louis carrying Carly's they set them in the room. Then walked away. Me and Carly talked for awhile until Liam opened the door interrupting our convo. He alerted us that dinner was ready. We gave him a nod. Then after he left. Carly was concerned that all this was way to much.


"Kenna we barely know these guys!" Now their cooking for us and were staying at their house?!?" She replied with a "no, maybe, then finished with a yes..."" But Blondie likes me" I really couldn't believe what we were doing at the moment. But I think that Kenna really liked Harry cuz she blushed when she talked about him. So I decided to stay for Kenna's sake plus Blondie was checking me out 😉.

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