The Mistake

Kenna and Carly go on an amazing adventure together they both found something that they have never felt before. Carly is a shy 15 year girl that has an abusive father and Kenna is her best friend who is also 15. They go to some crazy limits together. But which one of them will make the biggest mistake of their life and ruin everything?


3. 2 Boys


I woke up when the bus was at a stop and nearly had a heart attack when a cute blonde haired boy with blue eyes was in my face and said in an adorable Irish accent " it's time to get off the bus love" I sat up in a jump and saw a brown curly hair standing behind the blonde boy I looked out the window as I saw the big city of London I was amazed by what I saw. Then I woke up Carly. Then we both loaded off the bus and started walking and as we walked more and more steps away from the bus, this time a British voice stopped both of us in our tracks "you don't have a car?" I responded "no. Why do you think we took the bus" I had a kinda sassy attitude.


As we kept walking we were stopped again but this time they both stood in front of each of of us. The Brown haired boy stood in front of me and the blonde one stood in front of Kenna. We both kinda had an annoyed look on our faces. Then the blonde one offered us a ride. Me and Kenna both exchanged looks and agreed "fine". We both scooted in the back of their black mustang while they both loaded our luggage. They whispered quietly. Me and Kenna wondered if this was a good idea. Then Kenna said "well do u wanna walk 3 miles to the hotel?" Which was very convincing. I said "no. But do u want to get raped?!?!" She gave me a dirty look. They together slammed the trunk shut shaking the whole car. The brown haired boy asked us "where do u want to go?" Kenna answered "ummm well the cheapest hotel". The blonde one responded for the brown haired one. The first 5 minutes of the car ride was kinda awk. Until the brown hair one kept staring at us through the rear view mirror and said "I'm Harry" then immediately after Harry said that the blonde one said "and I'm Niall" like he was waiting forever to get that out. So it felt right to introduce myself " I'm Carly" and Kenna looked nervous so I introduced Kenna for her "this is Kenna. She gave me a thankful look. Then the boys simultaneously said pretty. Then we both blushed. The next 10 minutes was just awkwardly getting to know each other. As every few minutes me and Kenna exchanged "the looks" like these dudes r kinda weird but strangely hot.


I saw a hotel with a sign that said 30$ a night. So I alerted Harry and Niall that, that was cheap enough for us, but they both ignored me. So I repeated myself response. Until finally I yelled "PULL OVER!!!" They didn't say anything back as Carly gave me a worried look. Then I heard the car doors lock. I was so scared and so was Carly. So we just sat back and didn't make a sudden move not knowing what they were capable of. I felt Carly shaking as she held on to my arm. About 20 minutes later we pulled up to a huge white 4 story mansion. As we pulled up and the car stopped we didn't move. Harry and Niall both got out ignoring us and going to the back of the car and unloaded our stuff. Me and Carly still sitting in the back of the car. The boys took our stuff inside the mansion both of us still sitting in the car. We talked scared to each other and we made a plan.

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