Sparks of the Tempest

Sequel to Child of Innocence. With Harry's fifth year comes the return of Voldemort: ominous news for both Harry and Severus. Coupled with the oppression of the Ministry of Magic, Harry's fifth year is not shaping up to be much better than his last. With Severus's help, can he manage to defy the Ministry and convince the Wizarding world of Voldemort's return?


36. Chapter 36


Chapter 36:

    Harry moved smoothly down the corridors to wait for Draco. Reaching his guardians office he heard the scratching of quills against parchment. He knocked on Severus's door and waited to see the familiar face.  Severus's face appeared within seconds and he looked down at Harry. Stepping back allowing Harry to enter he stepped in and saw his friends face. Draco was doing lines, honestly did Harry make Severus this soft!?


"Yes Harry? Mr. Malfoy over here is almost done with his detention." Draco looked up and scowled but returned to his work. Harry nodded and went to sit down and wait for Draco to finish. Only 5 minutes later did Harry hear the cold voice say to Draco.


"Detention is done Mr. Malfoy, you attracted enough attention Mr. Potter showed up."  Draco stood up and walked right out of the door without a word. Seeing this Harry followed not saying a word to Severus. Catching up to Draco at the Grand Staircase Harry called out, "Draco!". Turning around Draco stopped short and turned abruptly to face Harry. Only 5 feet away from Harry he just stared at him with a blank expression and started to turn around again. Thinking fast Harry called after him.


"Draco! What are you doing!?" Hurrying up to Draco Harry spun the other one around to face him.


"What Harry!? I need to go see someone!" Draco roughly yanked his arm back and glared at Harry. Shoving past him he headed towards the dungeons.


"Don't follow me Harry!" He yelled over his shoulder and descended into the shadows again. Heading back to the common room Harry was puzzled over what to do. He spotted Hermione first and went to her by the fireplace. Sitting down in the empty armchair beside her he just sat in silence.


"So... I talked to Draco just now..." Harry began awkwardly as Hermione put down her quill with a sharp look at Harry.


"And...." She said making a gesture to continue.


"Yeah by the way Draco is acting is totally different. He was really protective and defensive." Harry felt helpless saying this. Hermione simply pursed her lips and kept writing.



Harry sat in Severus's office later that week reading rather carelessly waited. Severus sat opposite of him grading homework. Harry was getting bored of his 'detentions' but never less was bothered to see his guardian. After 5 minutes of staring into space Harry spoke up.


"How are you holding up with Umbridge?" Harry couldn't think of anything better.


"Same as always. She doesn't and never had my respect and frankly I don't think she cares. How's your detentions with her?" Harry merely shrugged at this.


"Fine as always." With nothing to say they just went back to what they were doing. Harry was getting more and more bored.


"How's the Order going?" Severus didn't look up but answered after a moment of thought.


"Ok but we are still looking for more members." As if on cue a ragin Umbridge stormed threw the door with a triumph face pointing from Severus to Harry!


"Aha! I caught you! And what may 'for more members' mean?" She look pointedly from Harry to Severus with a smug face.


"For a club!" Harry blurted out tripping over his words on his way. Severus just glanced at the boy. He really needs to work on his lying skills he thought.


"Is that so Mr. Potter!? Then why wasn't I approved of it!?" Harry opened his mouth but nothing came out of it. "Just as I thought!" She said with a look of pure smug on her face. This time Severus joined in.


"Why Professor we were discussing about a Potions club of course. Mr. Potter here was talking to me about it." Looking at Harry Severus gave him a 'shake your head or we're dead' look. Umbridge saw right through it.


"Doesn't matter now! Do Dumbledore's office NOW!" With that she turned with pride and justice and led the way. Harry got up and say did Severus but slower. Following they went up to the tower and waited. Umbridge waited for Severus to say the password to the gargoyle and tapped her foot impatiently. "Well!? What are we waiting for say the password to we can move!" She was glowering at them with suspicion and irritation. Muttering the password silently the gargoyle jumped out of the way and let Severus on. Immediately sealing itself it waited for Harry to say the password. Realizing the password Harry stepped forward ready to say it. Umbridge leaned forward trying to catch the password. Muttering silently Harry prayed this was the correct password.


"Freedom." With that Harry was inside and Umbridge was the only one outside. Severus gave a proud smirk as they heard her raging at the gargoyle. Counting off all the sweets she new. Harry had a cheeky grin on his face and let the stairs go up. Harry heard after 5 seconds one word that was anything but at Hogwarts.


"Freedom." This came from Severus as he stepped off the steps. Harry followed him and waited for Umbridge to come up. To both of their unpleasant surprise Umbridge came up with the most smug face in the world. Knocking on the heavy oak door with eagerness and impatience there was a simple call from behind the door.


"Enter" Entering as pleased as Umbridge ever looked she marched up straight to the revealed man and slammed down in her fist a piece of paper. She released it with the most triumphant face and stepped back waiting for a word of reply.


"And Proffesor Umbridge what is the meaning of this?" Proffesor Dumbledore asked softly and politely.


"This is the sheet from the minister him self.-" giving a fake little laugh she continued"- Education decree number 32;-" another little simper laugh"-     No teacher may talk with a student about anything noneducational, and will be fired if caught doing so." Severus stood stock still, while Harry shuffled his feet and looked around the unfamiliar office. They all waited for a response.


"Were they talking about anything non educational?" Proffesor Umbridge sputtered with outrage and turned dramatically back to them as if expecting them to say what they were talking about.  Harry kept his mouth tight shut not trusting his own voice. With a small glance at Harry Severus spoke.


"As we told you Professor, we were discussing  about a potions club before you came blundering in." Severus said with a smirk on his face. Harry looked at Professor Dumbledore awaiting his answer.

“Professor Snape may you escort Mr. Potter outside while Professor Umbridge and I  talk.” Harry led the way out the office and waited with Severus. They waited for ever and heard angry retorts and shouts coming from Umbridge. They both shared a smile.

A/N- Hey guys! It is a new and only 1 author! BIG NEWS! This book will be continuing! I don't know how long but I will try and make these chapters lengthy and hopefully nice and a little slow paced. I will not reveal anymore! -101

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