Fantasy to Reality.

Zayn and Alexis were the highschool it couple. They were nice and popular. In their senior year they are forced to see life as a reality not a fantasy. Read to Find out.


5. Chapter 4.

Alexis POV

"Now i will announce who goes." The principal said. "I took Zayns hand. "Alyssa Harmen." Harrys girlfriend. "Harry Styles" "Niall Horan,Liam Payne,Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Alexis Collins." There were boos and sighs. "That is all." I looked at Zayn with a smile! "YES!" We said at the same time. The gang had to get together tonight for a packing session. I texted everyone. Me: At my house to talk about packing!! Everyone replied either an ok or something like that. Me and Zayn went to our first hour. And sat there bored out of our minds.


A week had passed and the trip is tomorrow. Me and the gang are at my house with our bags. We are staying the night at my house. We have to wake up really early. "Anyone know where the trip is?" Asked Liam. "I think its in Paris or like...Italy." Said Niall. "I hope paris!!" I said. "We should probably get to our rooms..Its like 11." Said Liam. "Liam you said you were going to be not very responsible this year." Said Zayn as he laughed. We all got up and walked up stairs. I went to my room. And we all went to different rooms. I have lots of guest rooms.


We all woke up at 5. We all take showers. Which takes a while. But thank the lord Alyssa is not here. All of us tell Harry we dont like her. He never listens. We all are ready. We walk down stairs to my kitchen. All of our bags are at the front door. "Alright, whose car are we takeing?" Asked Harry. "Ok we can take my truck and you all can sit in the bed of the truck with the bags." I said. "Alright" Said all of them. We all get different breakfast and eat it in silence. We are all to tired to say anything. Its 630. "Alright lets go" Said Zayn. We all put the bags in the bed. And there are 3 seats up front. Which Zayn and Liam take. I start the car. Look back to see. Harry Louis and Niall in the back. I drive. We are almost to the school. When this stupid little car pulls out in front of me. I slam on the breaks. I hear a slam. All the boys had hit the end of the truck. "Oh My Gosh." I said. "Are you lads alright?" Asked Liam. They all kinda just groaned. Oh look whose in that car. "Alyssa." Says Zayn with disgust. "Hey Harry!" Said Zayn. "What?" He yelled. "Your Girlfriend tried to kill us!" He said with sarcasm. "Shut up." Harry said as he rolled his eyes. I drive off to the school parking lot. The charter buss. Is out front. We get out of the car. I locked the doors and threw my keys into my carry on. We loaded the buss. Thankfully it was only us. They drove us to the airport. First class baby! Our school is kinda rich. "Im sitting with Zayn" I said. They all paired up. Harry with alyssa. Liam and Niall and Louis. In a row. "I get window seat." I said t Zayn as we walked into the airport. We sat in chairs wiht our bags waiting for our plane to be called. Flight 402. Thats ours. "To Paris." Said the lady. I mentally scream! "Lets go!" Said Liam. We all board the plane. Here we go. 3 hours.


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