Fantasy to Reality.

Zayn and Alexis were the highschool it couple. They were nice and popular. In their senior year they are forced to see life as a reality not a fantasy. Read to Find out.


4. Chapter 3.

Alexis POV

The Door bell rang. Here we go. Harry comes in with a bunch of beer and stuff. And he takes it to the kitchen. Zayn follows. The door bell rang again, great im not good with lots of people. The whole gang was here. So i just put music on and left the door open for people to come in. Zayn and Harry finally come out of the kitchen. "Zayn." I called him over. "Yes?" He said. "Whats in your cup?" "Nothing" He said and walked away. I was not feeling good. I went up to Niall. "Hey im going upstairs to sleep, i dont feel well." I told him so noone would wonder where i was. "Alright." He said. I walked up the stairs. Noone knew. O well. When i got upstairs i got into his droors to find something to wear. I found a sweatshirt and sweats. I put them on. And jumped into bed. And i drifted off until i got a text. Zayniepoo: Where are you? Me: In your room With that text i tried to sleep. Then my phone went off. Zayniepoo: Partypooper. I just didnt reply i am to tired. I fell asleep. I dont know how long i was asleep but i woke up to the sound of the door opening. It was Zayn. "Hey everyones gone" He sounded ok. "Ok" i said still asleep. He went to take a shower. So i just went back to sleep. Then i woke up again. Zayn was shakeing me! "Wake up" He seemed alright. "What?" I asked. "I think i realized how real everything is.." I sat up. " What do you mean?" i asked. "How we are going to collage soon." "yeah" i replied. "Alexis?" He said. "Yes Zayn?" I replied. "Can we be together forever?" "Yes." I said. And just fell asleep. And i felt the bed sink in next to me. He fell asleep too.


*Next morning*

I woke up really early. 8:00. We dont go to school til 10. "Zayn" I said while nudging him. He slowly opend his eyes. "What?" "Can we skip school?" "Sure" He fell back asleep. I just sat up to think. You know what typical girls think about how many kids and stuff. Well i honestly cant wait til this year is over. I woke up Zayn i was tired of just sitting there. It was 8:15. "Zayn" He woke up. "What?" "GET UP!!!" "Im up im up." He said while sitting up. "Hey Zayn." I said. i moved to where we were facing each other. "Huh?" "Since its close to the end of the year and we are both 18 What are we going to do??" "What do you mean?" He asked with concern. "Like are we staying together?" "Yes babe." "Forever?" "Yes" "Promise?" "I promise" He said. i thought for moment. "Wait! Is today when we find out who goes on the senior trip?" I asked.. "Yes crap. What time is it?" "8:45" I said. I got up and just changed into what i was in last night. He just changed into random clothes. We were out the door. We drove to school. We walked into the school. They called for an assembly. The principal walked onto stage. "As you all may know the senior trip is in one week. We have changed it up this year. Who ever goes on the trip will not have to attend schol for the rest of the year!" There was loud yelling. "And now i will annouce who goes."

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