Fantasy to Reality.

Zayn and Alexis were the highschool it couple. They were nice and popular. In their senior year they are forced to see life as a reality not a fantasy. Read to Find out.


3. Chapter 2.

Alexis POV

I walk up to my steps and unlock my door. Walk into the kitchen to find a note on the counter. "Dear Alexis, Me and your dad will be gone for 3 months. I know you will be ok. Any of the boys are aloud over. Love you" "Great" i say under my breath. I have always hung out with boys not girls. I go up stairs put my iphone on the dock and blast "Wings by Macklemore" I really like rap. And i start to get ready. I look through my closet. To find my Amercan flag T-shirt. And my jean shorts. I put that on. I get my black supras. And get my black beanie. My phone starts to ring. Caller ID is "Zayniepoo" "Hello Zayn" "Hey Alexis?" "Yes?" "I dont really want to do the fake ID." (You see me and Zayn are the most responsible and good kid couple. All the teachers like us.) "Ya we dont have to!" "Alright thanks!" "Yep, im going to go ahead and drive over!" "Alright see you in a minute babe" "Bye!" I grab my phone charger and wallet. I walk out the door to get into my truck. I drive over to Zayns which is not very far from my house. I walk up to his door step and walk in. Its practicly my 2nd home. "Zayn" I yell. He walks out of the kitchen and hes on the phone. "No Harry you get the stuff im providing the place" He says. Then he hangs up. "Everything ok?" I ask. "Yep" He says. As we walk to the couch to watch some TV. "So about the party." Zayn says. "Yea? What about it?" I ask. "I kinda want to let loose. I mean come on its SENIOR YEAR." He said. "Yeah, you can. I dont own you im not your mom." I said. Ugh. He is going to fall into it i know it. "Thanks babe!" He says. "Yep but you cant do anything stupid ok?" I said. " Ok" He said with a peck on my cheek.

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