Fantasy to Reality.

Zayn and Alexis were the highschool it couple. They were nice and popular. In their senior year they are forced to see life as a reality not a fantasy. Read to Find out.


2. Chapter 1.

Alexis POV

As i walk into my highschool for the first time since summer, i see all my friends. And all the new freshies. I walk to my locker and of course its a top locker that i can barely see. I am really short. Zayn walks up to my locker i give him a big hug. He went on a holiday all summer, and all we did was text and facetime. We walk through the halls to our next class. Its our last year in highschool we have to make it great! We walk into the class and our whole gang is in there. Me and Zayn walk over to the table. "Hey Alexis!" Says Niall. "Hey" i said back. We sit down. "I heard there is a party at miss wannabes tonight." Said Louis with disgust. "Really Karmen is trying to have a big one again?" Zayn said with a laugh. "Yes i think we should go crash it." Said Liam. "Ohh Liam what happend to you over the summer?" I asked. "Oh i spent it all with Harry." "Makes since, speaking of him. Where is he?" "Probably going to be late as usuall." Said his girlfriend Alyssa. We all hate her. "Tell your boyfriend to get it together" Said Niall. "Hey its senior year we have to do something crazy tonight!" Said Louis. "Im down" i said. The bell rung and we all walked out. 

*Skip to lunch*

We all come in at the same time to our normal table. Same as last year. "Hey Harry nice to see you finally made it!" Said Niall. "Alright what are we doing thats crazy i am so ready!?" I asked. "Wait what?" Said Harry in a groggy voice. "So Mr.Late pants we are doing something crazy tonight" Said Louis. "Speaking of crazy" Said Harry. "I know these people that can make fake IDs. How bout we get some and get a party together." As if on cue we all text people we know we are having a party at Zayns. Since his family is still gone. "Zayn at your house." And the bell rung. The day is finally over. "Zayn can you give me a ride?" I asked. "Yes of course" He replied.

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