What happens when a suicidal teen gets the surprise of her life!?!


10. 9

Harry looked pissed off.

"Does mom know" he asked At a shaky tone.

"No" I say I barely a whisper.

"Harry I'm scared he's gonna come find me" I said starting to shake.

"I'll make sure he doesn't" Harry cooed.



"You know how you said that you would do anything if I woke up"

"yes babe"

"I want to go to a 5 SOS concert and meet them"

"Ok " he says ruffling my hair while smiling.

"But No funny business" he says laughing. I let out a huff.

"The concert is tomorrow night because their our opening act and you will have front row tickets". I smiled as he showed off his cheeky grin. "Yay" I hugged him.


Harry and I walked towards backstage and he knocks on a door. You will never guess who opened the door Luke Hemmings! We locked eyes and Harry cleared his throat I shot my head up and looked at Harry .

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