What happens when a suicidal teen gets the surprise of her life!?!


7. 6

I hear the boys singing. I kick and I try to open my eyes but it's no use. I soon hear the boys leave but the person holding my hand never let go

"I'm so sorry just please if you wake up I will do anything and ill never let you go." Harry cried. "Just squeeze my hand" i put all my energy into it and squeezed Harry's hand. "Doctor she squeezed, she squeezed my hand"

The doctor rushed in and started poking buttons. He gave me a shot and then my eyes started opening. I opened my eyes and looked over at Harry and smiled. Harry came over and just hugged me. "You are free to go in a few hours" the doctor said. "Ok" After a few hours we packed my stuff and we got in the car. We got in the car and Harry broke the silence

"Why do you know harm yourself"

"it's just so complicated because being bullied and then some other reasons"

"what are the other reasons"

 "I don't want to talk about it" I mumbled. Truth be told Anne's boyfriend beat me and even raped me once. Or Maybe twice. I lost count. There was no way I was gonna tell Harry that.

"We'll your gonna tell me sooner or later"

"I chose later"

"ok" we pulled in the drive way and we walked in and there stood the rest of one direction. "Hi I'm zayn" "hi I'm Niall" "Louis" "Liam"

"I'm Britney but you can call me Brit" they smiled and we hung out the rest of the day like we have been friends forever. "Guys I'm gonna go to bed" I said yawning. "Ok" I walked to my room and fell asleep.











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