What happens when a suicidal teen gets the surprise of her life!?!


28. 28

I woke up in a car. I went to sit up and had to lay back down. I looked over to see luke driving. My head is killing me.

"What happened" I asked.

"Harry punched you" luke said quietly.

"Where we going" I ask

"To our house Ashton Calum and Michael are there waiting for us" luke says. He looks up in the rear view mirror and smiled at me. I smiled back.

"I love you" I whisper.

"I love you too". He responds.

"We have a surprise for you" luke says.



We pull in the drive way and I walk in and hear all the boys gasp. I run upstairs to look in the mirror. There was blood under my nose. Also the bruise on my cheek. I clean my face up and use concealer to cover the bruises. I go back down stairs. I go and sit in between Michael and luke.

"So everybody loved it when you sang with one direction so they want you to Colab with us and make a song" calum started.

"OMG I would love to". I smile. We all hang out and put the movie frozen in and watch it. There was a knock on the door so I stood up and went and opened it. I opened it to see Zayn, Liam,niall,Louis and someone I never want to see again Harry.

"What do you want" I say kinda snotty. Directing it to Harry.

"Well we feel bad for Harry being such an arse to you" Liam said.

BRIT WHO IS IT" luke screams.

"NO ON-" before I could finish Michael and luke come to the door.

Michael pulls me back as luke stood in front of me.

"What do you want" luke yells

"I need to tell BRIT something" Harry steps forward with tears in his eyes.

"What Harry" I scream and try to get loose from michaels grip no use.

"In private" he whispers.

"What ever you need to say you can say to all of us" luke says.

"Brit I'm sorry but I'm not your brother" Harry says.

"WHAT?" I scream.

"Anne and robins not your mom and dad either" he says calmly.

"No" I whisper

"Then who's my parents" I ask.

Who do you think is her real parents??

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