What happens when a suicidal teen gets the surprise of her life!?!


26. 26

It's been a few days since we've been on our honeymoon. I've missed my period and I'm freaking out and I've been puking non stop.

"Luke" I scream.

"What" he asks running into the bathroom.

"We got to go back home"

"Why" he asks.

"I think I maybe pregnant"

His face just had a smile on it.

"I could be wrong" I say.

"We got to go home" he says.

We started packing.

"But I don't want to tell Harry until we find out" I tell luke.


We got off the plane and luke and I headed for a store. We got some tests and went home. We walked into Luke's house and ran up to the bathroom.

I did the test and I waited and I waited. All these thoughts were running through my head.

Will we be bad parents.

What if it's just a miscarriage. I was interrupted by luke knocking on the door. I opened it.

"Do you know yet" he asked.

"No" I whisper.

I picked the test up and I went wide eye and so did Luke's I dropped the test and let the tears roll down my face.

What did the test say?! I love you all so much. What should I call you guys?

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