What happens when a suicidal teen gets the surprise of her life!?!


25. 25

Luke asked me yesterday to marry him of course I said yes! So today is the wedding. Or the 2nd time.

I'm in my white dress and about to go down the aisle. Harry grabs my arm and he whispers in my ear "this is the last time I'm doing this" I just chuckled. The brides maids go and now it's my turn. The music starts and everyone stands here I go. Harry and I walk down the aisle I get to luke and Harry places my hand in Luke's. Harry nods and sits down by dad. DAD. What's he doing here! I shake it out of my mind and notice my whole world standing in front of me. Before I knew it the preacher announces you may now Kiss the bride! Luke and I kiss and we turn to face the crowd with our arms linked together and bowed.

"I now announce you mr and mrs luke hemmings!

Everyone stands and claps. Luke and I run down the aisle together. We head to the back of the church and we head to our reception. We party and have fun and dance. Before I know it luke and I were getting ready to leave for our honey moon. I don't know where we're going but hey whatever. Luke and I walk out and see Luke's 2014 Camero was all wrapped in bubble wrap and had cans hanging from the back. Just married in the window. All the grooms men did it. I hugged all the boys. (1D & 5sos). Luke and I hop in the car and we take off for the airport. We get to the airport and I change into sweats and a t-shirt. We get on the plane and I fell asleep. Luke wakes me up and let's me know we're there. We get out of the plane and we walk out to see a guy with a paper saying

'Mr and Mrs. Luke hemmings'

So we walk over to him and he walks us out to a limo. We soon got out and got on a boat and then we headed to an island. We soon got there and it was a BEAUTIFUL house.

"OMG this is beautiful luke" I squeal.

"Anything for my princess"

I hug luke and we walk through the house. We go out to the ocean and swim. Then we go into the house and change and go to sleep.

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