What happens when a suicidal teen gets the surprise of her life!?!


21. 21

Today is luke and I's wedding! Yay!

I woke up to my alarm beeping. Ugh. I sat up and got ready for perrie and Sophia and el to come over and help me get ready. Once they show.

"Hello my bride" perrie screams.

"Hello" I scream back.

"Get in the shower we will get everything ready" el says.


So I took a shower. I came out and they helped me into the dress. And did my make up. We drove to the venue. It's time to walk down the aisle. I walk up and grab Harry's hand (he's walking me down the aisle) the music starts and we walk down the aisle following the brides maids and every body. I get to finally see luke. He looked so perfect (had too sorry). I walked up to him and the minister started.

"If anyone is against this marriage please speak now or forever hold your peace"

"I'm against this marriage!"

Who's against the marriage?

Sorry about the cliff hanger.

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