What happens when a suicidal teen gets the surprise of her life!?!


18. 18

I grabbed my blade and cut. The door opened to see mom standing there.


"Yes Hun OMG what happened to you"

"Harry and I got into a fight and Luke cheated on me" I start crying as mom started cleaning my wrists.

"Hun you should let luke explain"

"Fine" I let out a huff. Luke and Harry soon showed up.

"I'm sorry" I whisper. They both deserve apologies. Harry comes up to me.

"We're putting you into a support group your gonna get some help." He says.

"What the hell Harry you did it too"

"It was fake I only wanted you too think I actually did it to try and get you to stop"

"That's just sick" I scream.

"Luke can I talk to you" I whisper.

"Yeah" he comes over and grabs my hand while Harry stays with mom.

"Luke I'm sorry I should of let you explain" I cry

"It's ok as long as I have my babe back".

"You'll never get rid of me"



The next week

Harry got me into a support group. I HATE going. Today there's a special guest. 









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