What happens when a suicidal teen gets the surprise of her life!?!


17. 17

I get in Luke's car and Harry comes down stairs and out the door. Jane trying to pull him back in the house. Harry gets away and comes and opens Luke's door and pulls me out. He sits there with me in his arms rocking back and forth.

"BRIT I love you please don't leave" he says screaming and crying. Luke jumps out of the car. I grab Harry's arm and see a huge line down it.

"No no no" I kept whispering to myself.


"Because I couldn't see you hurt and I knew you hurt yourself because of me" Harry cries. Luke bends down to grab me and I turn around and point meaning give me a sec.

"Can I talk to Harry alone?" I ask

"But he could hurt you" luke says sounding concerned.

"He's my brother he won't hurt me"

I grab Harry's hand and help him up and walk past luke and jane. She snorts. We head to the kitchen.

"Harry I didn't hurt my self because of you"

"Then why"

"The whole thing with James and bullies at school so please will you stop hurting yourself"

"I'll stop if you stop" Harry says

"Oo-k" I stutter I'll try for Harry's sake. Harry and I walk outside to see Luke KISSING Jane.

I scream. Harry runs out to see what's going on. I run and grab my bag and luke finally looked up.

"BRIT she threw her self at me I would never hurt you"


I run upstairs and into the bathroom. I hear Harry screaming at luke and there's a knock on the door.

Who is it? Should I open it?

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