What happens when a suicidal teen gets the surprise of her life!?!


14. 13

I jumped up and hugged luke. Then I ran over to Harry and hugged him too.

"So are you coming home with me?" Harry asked.

" For now but if you give me any reason to hate you I'm leaving"

"Well we should go" Harry says.

"Yeah" I say below a whisper. I run back to luke and kiss him.

I whisper " I love you"

"I love you"

. I hop in the car with Harry as Luke leaves. We got home and I went upstairs. "IM GONNA MAKE DINNER" Harry screams. "Okay " I put in music and before I know it Harry screams and says it's done. I walk downstairs to see James holding Harry with a gun to his head.

"Put the gun down" I whisper

"You come with me, pretty boy here won't get hurt"

"Ok" I walk closer as he grabs me he let's go of Harry.

"IM GONNA GET YOU I PROMISE" Harry screams as James pulls me outside. He throws me in the trunk and he takes off. I suddenly remember my phones in my boot. I grab it and call 911.

"Hello this is Amy what's your emergency?"

"I've been kidnapped"

"Where we're you kidnapped from"

*Gives info*

"Do you know what he looks like?"

"Well his name is James Smith and he has short brown hair and brown eyes"

" what's the car"

"Red 2009 Camry "

"ok we are having police look for you"

"Is there anything in the trunk?" She asks.

"Just some paint"

"Ok do you see the tail light?"


"Push it out"

"Okay it's out"

"Stick your hand out the whole and wave wave wave"


"Ok pull your hand back"

"Ok "

"open the paint and dump it"


I dump the whole can. So now the cops will look for white paint. The car comes to a stop and I hear the door open. I hid my phone In my boot without ending the call. James pulls me out of the trunk. He pushes me into a old motel room.

Then he raped me.. Once he finally goes to sleep I get up and put my clothes on. I grab my phone to see the phone call was still going.

"Hello" I say in a whisper.

"Yes ok we found your location"

"Okay" I say crying.

The police show up.

"Where is he?"

"He's in that room" I Say as I point to it.

An ambulance shows up,

"Mam you need to go to the hospital"

I look down and see a cut down my arm. I didn't even realize was there.

"I don't want to I want to see my brother and boyfriend"

"They can meet us there"

"Ok" I start to get in as I see them taking James out.

"LITTLE BITCH REMEMBER YOUR MINE TILL THE DAY THAT YOU DIE" I whimper. I get in the ambulance as they call Harry and luke.

We get to the hospital and see Harry and luke. Luke runs over and hugs me.

"I thought you were gone for good" he says almost crying.

"Can I see my sister" Harry says kinda rudely to Luke.

I give Harry a hug and luke as the doctors push me into surgery.



I open my eyes to see Luke and Harry. Luke stands up.

"Why do you still do it"

I gave him A puzzled look.


Luke turns around to Harry and gave him a glare.

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