100 reasons why to love 1D


1. 1

So this is 100 reasons why to love One Direction. In each chapter there will be 10 reasons. When I hit 100 I will write a chapter why they mean so much to me and if you would like to write why you love the boys then leave a comment or kik me at givin2fly...

1: They have the ability to make us laugh, smile, and cry with their music.

2: They have a real passion for what they do.

3:They are extremely attractive.

4:Their personalities and the way they just enjoy life

5:The fact that they’re grateful for what they have.

6:They truly care about their fans and they never forget to remind us that we’re beautiful in our own ways.

7:The effect they have on their fans. They make us smile even when we are having the worst day.

8:They make us feel alive.

9:They have great sense of humors, they always do funny things that make everyone laugh.

10:They are completely honest about everything, even things you wouldn’t expect famous people to be honest about.

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