the story of raven. the supernatural girl

a girl named raven lost her mom in an house fire. her, her dad, and brother live on the road. their farther training them to be soldiers. raven leaves a goes to collage. but when her brother dean comes to the campse in need of her help to find their missing farther. they have to fight though different monsters, demons, and ghost to find him.
The co-authors are @melody the killer, @aza Harris, @wolf lover

Please check out there other stories!! They are all really great writers!!! Now let's continue raven's story...


2. the first hunt

 It is the morning. I am up early as normal. Dean was always the one to wake up late. We have stopped at a hotel. I grab a sharpie and I walk over to his bed. I try to draw on his face, but he wakes up. I whisper to myself, "Shoot." 

Dean grabs the marker and throws it in my bag. " Don't try that again Raven. If you do I will kill you." Dean gets up.

"Okay man, where did dad go? " I said.

"I do not know." Dean replied.

"Okay. Let's just call him." I said.

"No, I already tried that."

"Fine..." I replied.

We went down to a diner on the block. There was a news paper and Dean picked it up. It is how we find a case, looking in the paper or watching the news. Dean reads it and sees something on the front cover. "Hey look at this. A mysterious killing at a hotel in town. How much do you wanna guess that there is something paranormal going on at this hotel?" Dean said.

"That does sound like a paranormal thing." I replied.

"Wanna go and check it out?" asked Dean.

"Sure, what should we go as?" I asked.

"FBI, the person who was killed was an officer, so it will make sense." Dean said. 

"Okay, lets go then." I replied.

"No, lets eat first." he said as our food came. We ate then went to the clothing store for our suits. I know I am a girl but they have suits for women.

We then got to the hotel did the investigation and found what kind of monster it was. We researched and found out that it is a demon. First hunt in forever and its a demon. Great.   

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