the story of raven. the supernatural girl

a girl named raven lost her mom in an house fire. her, her dad, and brother live on the road. their farther training them to be soldiers. raven leaves a goes to collage. but when her brother dean comes to the campse in need of her help to find their missing farther. they have to fight though different monsters, demons, and ghost to find him.
The co-authors are @melody the killer, @aza Harris, @wolf lover

Please check out there other stories!! They are all really great writers!!! Now let's continue raven's story...


1. chapter one: the news

I woke to a thud. I looked over next to me and my boyfriend Sam was there. I grabbed my gun that I hide under my mattress. I got up and look in my kitchen to find my brother Dean. I put down my gun and said, "What the heck Dean! Why are you here?" 

" I need to talk to you." he replied.

"About what?" I asked.

"About dad." he said. My face got pale. My dad and I  fight a lot. When I left for school he said to never come back, so I didn't.

Just then Sam came in. "What going on Rea?" said Sam. He sees Dean and grabs my gun and points it at him. "Who are you?" he asked.

"Stop Sam. He is my brother." I said pulling down the gun and taking it away from him. "Now Dean explain about what dad got himself into this time." I said.

"Not with him around." Dean nodded his head at Sam.

"No, you can say it to both of us." I say.

"Fine, dad has gone on a hunting trip and he hasn't come back." Dean says. I look at him.

"Fine, but have me back by Monday. I've got an interview." I walk to my room and turn on the lights getting dressed and packing a couple things. Sam comes in looking worried.

"Raven, do you mind explaining what is going on?" says Sam.

"I will explain everything when I get back, okay?" I peck him on the cheek and head out with Dean to his car. "So what was dad hunting this time?" I asked.

"The demon." Dean said it like he was saying the weather.

"The one that killed mom?" I asked shocked.

"Yep, he got a lead and he left." Dean said. We got in the car and drove off. Dean turned on the radio a played music from the 90s, singing along. This is going to be a long trip.

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