the zombie fighters

Dove, fetch, and raven are marines training at boot camp when it started. They never saw it come through the barricades. They finally notice when their while unit turns...
So join the trio as they fight their why through swarms of zombies and trying to get back to their families...


4. when it started (dove's pov)

"Left! Left! Left right left!" My commander said. I obeyed like the good solider I am. The unit is small today. A lot of the unit got some sort of illness. They got it form after they got bit by something. I don't know what. Anyways right now it's just me and LT nano and LT azerath. We are the only ones (besides our commander) that isn't sick. *BANG BANG CRASH POW POW POW POP POP POP!!* we heard that and got down like we been trained to when a bomb goes off. Out commander goes an investigates it. I get up and I pull out my gun, the girls do the same. I turn around to find a person in our unit walking around in what looked like a really graphic zombie costume. I yelled, "hey are you better yet?!?" And he turns around and attacks me on full human speed. I point my gun but he doesn't stop. So I was left no choice but to shoot him. I have good alibi and witnesses so I know I'm good. But seeing one of my people like that makes me worried. We head to sick bay, there are more of those things the closer we get. When we get there I see our commander the same way the others were but armed. I pointed my gun at it but I couldn't shoot her. So I pulled out my throwing knife and I threw it and got it right in the eye. I walked over and got my knife back and I looked at the girls and said, " the apocalypse has started. We need to get to our families." "I'm with you on that one dove." Said fetch. "Same here." Said raven.

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