the zombie fighters

Dove, fetch, and raven are marines training at boot camp when it started. They never saw it come through the barricades. They finally notice when their while unit turns...
So join the trio as they fight their why through swarms of zombies and trying to get back to their families...


1. the prolog

Our story begins in a place that is infested with... Those bloody walkers. The name of this place is Seattle,Washington.

Hi, I'm dove and I'm surviving with my friends, fetch and raven.

Fetch is a kind of girl that is punk and like a military officer.

I'm like a marine. I was in boot camp with fetch and raven.

Raven is mysterious, me and fetch think she is hiding something but we don't know what so we don't ask.

Any way basically we all had training from the military.

Me: a sniper

Fetch: black ops

And raven: up close combat

We told each other what we did when the whole thing started since our commanding officer turned. So we have been fighting for our lives since 2036. The year is now 2039. So we have been fighting for three years together.


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