Can't get enough

Mia has being neighbors with Harry since they were little but never really talked just stares through their windows.Mia has been dating Paul for over three years now and he abuses her , but when Harry sees him abuse of her ,Mia's life is about to turn upside down


3. problems

Harry's p.o.v

"Put your gun down sir"said a police officer coming closer to where i and Paul were.

"No!!!This little shit bag stole my girl"Paul yelled back at the police officer right in my ear.

The police officer kept getting closer to us."Stay back or i'll shoot this pretty boy right here"Paul said as he put the gun right in the side of my head.

"Put it down son!!!!"said a person behind the crowd.We all looked to the direction of the voice.

"Dad!!you get out of this!!!"yelled Paul to a middle aged blonde guy that must be his dad.

"Son you let that boy go right now!!!!"Paul's dad yelled at him and Paul right away let go off me."you wont get away with this pretty boy"whispered Paul in my ear before going to his father's side.

"Do you want to make an accusation?"said a police officer with a notepad.

"No it's fine...on the other hand yeah,Paul abused of my neighbor and i saw it with my own eyes"I said feeling confident about myself.

After that the officer took note of everything and let me go.The paps were still there asking me questions about what just happened.

"Harry over here,did you really save the young lady from that guy?"said a pap.

"Did you really see him abuse her?"another one said.

This one i did answer."did you really steal her from him because you feel something fir the girl?"

I stopped walking and looked at the pap and said"yes, i did"

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