Can't get enough

Mia has being neighbors with Harry since they were little but never really talked just stares through their windows.Mia has been dating Paul for over three years now and he abuses her , but when Harry sees him abuse of her ,Mia's life is about to turn upside down


4. no going back

Mia's P.O.V

I'm not going back there.I just can't look at Harry in the eyes anymore ,I thought he had a crush on me ever since he saw me so i thought i could trust him but not anymore, but who am i kidding, he is a super star and I'm just his problem maker neighbor,he doesnt have a crush on me.I don't know where i am going.Just a minute ago i thought i heard screaming and yelling and flashs?? I thought of going back but i just kept walking to who knows where.I saw a bus stop and decided to wait there until the next bus comes and takes me to my best friend's house.

"Mia!!!!"i heard behind me almost like a whispered then i heard it again."Mia!! Please talk to me!!!"i heard now clearly that the voice was coming from harry.I could hear his hard breathing coming from behind me."Go away, i dont want to talk to you"i said to him,my back still to him.he walked around me and stop in front of me.i looked down yo the pavement.He but his finger on my chin to bring it up."Please I...need to explain to you.....the police came....he tried to kill me"he said ,at that i looked into his green eyes and then to his lips."He is taken care of,i told them everything you are safe now"he said opening his arms to me.i hugged him and let everything out,his white t-shirt would sure get black by the time i stop crying.My mascara was running and i couldn't see through my eyes.He pulled back just a little to look at me.He wipped the tears off my eyes."Thank you, for helping me out there ,and im sorry for running i just havent been able to trust a guy besides my dad"i sad.

"It was nothing but i should thank you"he said while giving me one of his dimpled smiles.

"For what?"i said in confuse.

"For meeting you and for letting me save you and .......helping me...find true love"he said looking away from my eyes,i could see some pink on his cheeks.

"True love?"i said to him and made him look at me.i looked at his green eyes again making me feel safe and feel something that i've never felt before.He looked at my lips then my eyes , i did the same thing before we knew it we were leaning in closely and i felt him pull my on my tippy toes and wrap his arms around my waist.i put my hans around his neck.When we were only 2 centimeters apart ,he said"I cant believe im about to kiss the girl of my dreams"i blushed and i said"you better believe it"at that he leaned in and kissed me softly on my lips then stronger while pushing me to him like if he wanted to join our bodies together to make one body, one soul.He licked my teeth asking for entrance,i opened my mouth and let him in.our toungues moving in a rhythm that made moan.He turned his head to the side to push harder in my mouth.i couldnt help it and let out another moan.He finally started going slower until he gave me a soft kiss.I swear that his lips felt so soft and tasted like vanilla."wow that was.."he said looking at me while still holding me and our foreheads touching."amazing"i ended his sentence and we kept staring at our eyes like if there was nobody around.Until we saw a flash by the bushes.That's when things got real complicated.

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