Can't get enough

Mia has being neighbors with Harry since they were little but never really talked just stares through their windows.Mia has been dating Paul for over three years now and he abuses her , but when Harry sees him abuse of her ,Mia's life is about to turn upside down


2. accident

Harry's P.O.V

I cant believe i just hit Paul and now he wont wake up.At least Mia is safe in my arms.She had run into my arms after Paul fell to to ground.

"I can't believe you hit Paul in the face......thanks"she said looking up to meet my eyes,she had beautiful hazel eyes.

"Any time.....why where you with him for so long?"i said looking confused.

"He....he..treated to kill me if i told anyone about it"she said with tears starting to fill up her beautiful eyes that i had seen do this from my bedroom window every night.Yeah it's creepy but i've had a crush on her ever since she moved in next door.

"Please don't tell anyone, please"she pleaded crying harder.

"I can't promise you that!!"i said almost yelling at her for some reason,i guess i've been holding some rage inside me.She looked shocked and let go of me, she backed away and ran away from me crying as the night took her away.i was alone with Paul thinking if he was dead what should i do? If he woke up he would call the police? So i pulled out my phone and called the police.

They came right away and asked me questions and me answering them.They said that i wasn't in trouble ,that i had done the right thing to save Mia from that bastard.Right at that moment the paps came out of their cars and came to where i was sitting and started taking pictures of me.

"Shit" i said underneath my breath.

"Harry over here,is it true u hit a poor guy in the face?"said one pap with glasses that i so wanted to take from her face and smash them to the floor .Poor guy!!!! I couldn't believe my ears.

"Hey you"i heard someone from behind me and pull my shirt as the cops came to him but it was to late,Paul was in front of me pointing a gun at me.

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