Can't get enough

Mia has being neighbors with Harry since they were little but never really talked just stares through their windows.Mia has been dating Paul for over three years now and he abuses her , but when Harry sees him abuse of her ,Mia's life is about to turn upside down


1. Paul

Mia's P.O.V~

"Let go of me!!!!" I yelled at Paul he gets aggressive when he drinks and he had gone out with his friends and came inside my house through the window and was holding my wrist really tight.

"Why? For that you can go off and goof off with another guy?"he said turning to look and me in the eyes,he scares me sometimes.

"You know i love you,please my parents are coming home any minute"i said to him,it was a good thing that my parents went out to eat for their anniversary.

"You don't love me!!!!You won't give up your virginity to me!!!!!"he yelled at my face ,while pulling me to him by my waist."You know what?I'll just take it right now!!!"he said to me and he crushed his lips to mine real harsh i tried getting away but it was worthless.I bit his lip and he yell in anger.I ran away ,i could hear him coming after me but i ran faster.I looked back to see if he was coming when i crashed into someone in the street.I fell back on my butt,i just couldn't believe who it was that i had crashed into.It was my neighbor ,Harry,yeah you must know who he is famous pop star with green eyes and beautiful curls.Anyways he looked at me confused.But he handed me his hand and pull me up.

"What r u doing running in the middle of the night"he asked looking at me with those green eyes.We've never said a word to each other besides 'hi' because i was friends with his sister,Gemma.

"I.." It was all i said before i was interrupted by Paul yelling after me.

"Get back here u little whore,I'm not done with u yet"he yelled as he came to where i was standing.But Harry came between me and him.

"What is u r problem calling Mia a whore?"he said to him ,i couldn't see his face bur it sure sondes like his teeth were pressed together when he spoke.

"It's none of u r business pretty boy"Paul said trying to push Harry out of his way.But Harry pushed him back.

"You are going to have to get past me to get to her!!"he yelled at him."So do me a favor and leave before i call the police"

"Whatever pretty boy u can have her ,she is a slut anyways!!!!"he yelled back at Harry.When he did Harry punched him hard in the face.I couldn't believe my eyes.

Paul was unconscious.

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