Sometimes things happen for a reason, well that's what my parents kept on telling me after we got the news about two years ago.

If that's the case, then why the hell did I end up like this?


1. Chapter one

I woke up to a bright light coming through the window. After Wiping my eyes and yawning, I got out of my bed heading to the bathroom. My house is fairly large, my parents used to be extremely rich now we get by with some extra cash after having to spend it all on me. 

It always made me feel sick in the stomach when I thought about how much money They Had to spend just To keep me well. It was that or just the medication I had to take.

I brushed through my dark brown hair, pulling it up into a pony tail. I looked in the mirror and sighed, putting on make up to hide the bruises. It always helped so did taking drama in high school, I was always an amazing actor, being able to hide my emotions when I had too. 
with being able to hide so many things you wouldn't have guessed that I, Bella May Anderson, Had Leukemia.

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