No one Understands (Draco Malfoy)



Astrid POV

Im Astrid Randolph and this is my 3rd year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry I have two main friends Hermione and Ginny. I commonly use the Hogwarts student communication site and chat with other students but don't know exactly who they are I'm @mud_thinknot and i have been chatting with @my_slyth56

Me Hermione,Ginny,Harry,and Ron hurriedly pushed our trolley trying to catch the train. White smoke from the Hogwarts Express clouded our view we scurried and finally collapsed onto the train. We found 2 cabin's in the back of the train Me,Hermione, and Ginny in one and Harry,And Ron in the other.

"So Astrid are you ready for third year?" Hermione asked while taking off her jacket "Yes pretty much but I am really worried about Defense Against the Dark Arts you know what happened last time" Last year i accidentally turned the teachers desk into a pig and it destroyed the whole room and attacked the professor lets just say they wont be back "Oh yeah I remember to bad when the pig escaped it missed Draco that would of been hilarious" I dark figure with Blonde hair walked by and stopped next to our cabin "I think i heard my name escape your filthy mouth, am i correct or mistaken?" He scanned over us and his eyes landed on me "Yes we did mention you actually" he chuckled "well,well,well if it isnt little Astrid" he bent down and moved a strand of grey hair out of my face "You filthy little Mudblood its a shame that such beauty is waisted on someone from a history like yours" his smile faded as he looked back at ginny and hermione and left.

"What was that about Ash" Ginny asked "well part of my hair is grey because when i was born they say that they used a potion Astrodian to save me so part of of the Ash stayed in me" Hermione started to smile "Thats beautiful,but why does it concern Malfoy?" My chest tightened "D-Dracos father was the one who saved me but he regrets it because im a Mudblood and because while he was saving me Draco was born" they both gasped and i heard a BOOM!! Come from behind me they i saw harry face first on the ground "WHAT!?! HE SAVED YOU!!AND MISSED DRACO?" Ron peeked around the corner he was eating (like always) when "First years and former students please start putting on your robes we will be at Hogwarts in 2 minutes.Please leave all luggage on the train and all first years will need to meet Hagrid when they exit to the left all others exit to the right. Thank Merlin and have a great day".

The train came to a complete stop and all students started to frantically file out of the train. As i was getting off i was the last one and the bottom of my robe got caught on the door, I started to tug and my robe ripped and i fell right into someones arms.DRACO!. "We meet again Randolph" he said with a blank expression as he set me down "thank you mal-" he cut me off "dont.even.dare., i missed out on ny father seeing me be born because you were to weak to are you to survive now?" He walked away never looking back.I made my way to school with Hermione and Met up with Luna.

When Classes were over i went back to the Gryffindor common room and called for the hogwarts main owl, its white and dusty purple and black wings flapped as the owl settled onto the table next to the couch. It carried with it a piece of parchment that read

@my_slyth56: Hey Mudblood(just playing),how was first day of third year meet anyone new???

It hurt to know that this person didnt like mudbloods, but they were comforting others why though we dont know who each other are we still love each other and are good friends. I decided to answer back.

@mud_thinknot: well i have been getting bullied by the same person for about my whole life and have been called ugly and loathed for many years so not great...

I sent the owl off and about 6 minutes later it returned

@my_slyth56:oh.. Im sorry...just remember not even all the pollution in the world will stop me from seeing you shine because you are my star

At the same time i felt loved but hated all at once who ever this is is a slytherin and im gryffindor they would never say this if they knew who i am, but i will accept it because they are one of the only people that love me.

@mud_thinknot: thank you, i love you so much and hope we will meet...i have to tell you some thing

I sent the owl and BOOM! 2 minutes it came back

@my_slyth56: what is it!?

@mud_thinknot: im you hate me

@my_slyth56: no I love you i gtg bye my pureblood

It was great but im far from mudblood....

Draco POV

This girl seems very interesting i just wish she was slytherin and i wish i knew who she was. I had to go to bed and when i layed down i quickly dosed off.


I was walking outside and came upon the whomping willows i looked up at the sky and saw a something fizzling across the sky. Everything started to spin and i dropped to my knees "I love you" i whispered i started to rise to the sky and was almost to the top when i fell back down i looked everything was dark and unwelcoming, my father appeared in the sky and soon the slytherin symbol was written in the stars.

I woke up sweating

Astrid POV

"Astrid,Astrid wake up!!" Hermione said shaking me "im up,im up" i got up and got dressed. When i exited the bathroom me Hermione,and Ginny decided to go to Diagon Alley because it was the weekend.

When we got there we decided to get some buttered beer and Ton-tongue toffees. I was walking around the store when i bumped into someone "oh im sooo sorry" i bent down to pick up there stuff when i recognized their wand.Draco. "Thanks Ash, see you later" he kissed me on the cheek "what was that about dont you hate me?" I asked turning around "well i have sent so much hate to you yet you still help me...shouldn't i be asking you that question?" I nodded and he left.

I saw Hagrid and decided that i needed his help "Hagrid...i don't know what to do or say to Draco, he seems to hate me for so many reasons but he also seems to care...what do i do" he stroked his beard "Astrid you er' a very smart child you'll figure it out. And don't worry he doesn't hate you he just doesn't know how to befriend you, now go along and find Hermione and Ginny" he patted my head and i left the Weasley's.

When i got outside i saw Ron fall to the ground on his face, then he started to slide on the ground and flip all around. I realized it had to be Harry in his invisibility cloak again "HARRY!! LET HIM GO!!" Ron fell to the ground and harry took off the cloak "come on astrid your no fun" he said "im funnier then seamus so i think im doing pretty well" him and Ron chuckled "yes i definitely agree" answered Ron. Just then Hermione,Ginny, and Luna appeared "Lets head back to school, Dinner should be starting soon and we have to work on our Potions homework" Hermione suggested, we all started toward hogwarts.

Draco POV

I saw Ash,Hermione,Ginny,Luna,Saint Potter, and Ron heading towards school. I dont know why i kissed Astrid on the cheek, but im suspicious i saw that she had bought a quill with purple ink. And @mud_thinknot uses purple no no no no Ash would and could never be @mud_thinknot. She is pretty but she is scum she could never be her.

Astrid POV

When i got back i was walking up to our dormitory when i was stopped by Mcgonagall "Ash, i was wondering if you could tutor one of your fellow students in potions and defense after you get dressed" i nodded "yes, where would you like us to meet?" "In the library" i smiled "will do".

I was skipping my way to the Library when i entered i continued to skip until i came to the back off the library sitting at the table was Draco, i sat down across from him with my textbooks and wand, he smiled at me but it quickly faded "Why is it that i have to be tutored by you?" I was pissed " What! If anything i should be mad mr Slytherin Prince needs tutoring...wait till your father hears about this" he stood up and slammed his fist's on the table "how dare you" he tried to get out his wand but im faster "Expelliarmus" he flew back and hit into a book shelf he got back up and walked over to me, he grabbed both of my arms and slammed then against the wall he pressed onto me and i could feel his breath on my neck and ear "dont do that again beautiful" he whispered in my ear "i know alot more then you think, and im stronger then you" he kissed my neck and my cheek and moved his way till he was inches away from my lips "Expelliarmus" i flew back and hit my head and slid to the ground. He walked back to the table "Now, lets start working on these potions shall we" he folded his hands and smiled at me "we shall" i went back to the table and sat across from him.

We worked until about 2:00 in the morning because Draco kept getting the potion wrong but he finally figured it out. "Okay, Malfoy we can leave now." We headed towards the door but it wouldnt open "Randolph whats up with the door" i started to shake it "i dont know i think we are locked in" he started to get annoyed "well dont you know a spell or something" i smiled at him and act sarcastic and sweet "no Prince Draco i do not i thought you said you were stronger" i walked over to one of the couches and layed down. After awhile i fell asleep but woke up again.

I saw Draco was up reading on the other couch. I started to shiver. Draco realized "if you cold you can come sleep next to me" i got up and laid in front of him "go to sleep,and dream off space...where you belong". Thirty minutes passed and i think Draco thought i was sleeping i felt him play with my hair "im sorry glad that my dad saved you...even if you are a mudblood you are my my mudblood" he fell asleep and his arm fell next to my head it said something " Pureblood + Mudblood= Impossible :( " a tear fell from my face and i slowly fell asleep.

Draco POV

I fell asleep looking at Astrid


I was walking in the library it was dark i was the only one i walked over to the door and it opened. I was walking in the hall when an owl flew by me and dropped a note "@mud_thinknot: i love you" i fell to the ground.

End of Dream

Astrid POV

I woke up and rolled over to see a sleeping Draco "hey wake up" he started to mumble and open his eyes "good morning" i heard the library door being unlocked and jumped up " Malfoy come on we have to go" i grabbed his hand and ran towards the door when we got there the door opened up and we ran "run!run! run!" He screamed and grabbed my hand and we ran while laughing. Then BANG! We hit something and fell back "whats going on here?" We were still holding hands and looked up to see McGonagall "nothing ma'am" draco said letting go of my hand "ive got to go" he got up and left.

McGonagall continued to stare at me "can you please explain" well me and malfoy were studying last night like you asked and we realized that the library was locked so we had to sleep there" McGonagall looked questionable "very well get ready for class, next week you have study again draco needs all the help he can get....its a shame what he has been through" i was confused "what do you 'what hes been through' is something wrong with him" i saw tears streaming down McGonagalls face "When Draco was born... h-he had a hard time breathing. And when he was 2 he was dropped on his head...he cant comprehend or remember and learn as fast as others, he has so much pressure put on him by his dad and thats why he is the way he is" i couldnt believe it i felt bad for saying what i said last night

" What! If anything i should be mad mr Slytherin Prince needs tutoring...wait till your father hears about this"

How could i say that? I stood there in disbelief "ive got to go" i started to run to my room crying and hating myself". When i got back i decided to call for the school owl it flew in and landed on my bed post with a piece of parchment.

@my_slyth56: hey...

@mud_thinknot: hey whats wrong

@my_slyth: Oh! Nothing i just didnt know what to say i was kinda bored and need someone hbu?

@mud_thinknot: i hurt someone i care about...

@my_slyth56: well just wait a second then apologize i think they will understand

@mud_thinknot: i hope...well gtg go to class i love you babe

@my_slyth56: oh well maybe we can finally meet this weekend at Diagon Alley at the Weasleys or something....or maybe at the whomping willows

@mud_thinknot: yeah sounds great lets meet at the whomping willows its more private there well i cant wait to meet you babe its gonna be great.

I put down my quill and heading to class which was Defense Against the Dark Arts.

I decided to sit next to Hermione "Hey" she said but i ignored the, teacher started talking "Today we will me learning how to trick you enemies" i started to tune everything out i was thinking about meeting @my_slyth56 tomorrow and about hurting draco i was deep into my thought when "Astrid can you please repeat what i just said" i snapped out of my thought and said the first thing that came to my head "i love draco" everyone started to laugh " i mean i gotta go i grabbed my books and left.

---------------------------Next Day

I woke up excited to meet @my_slyth56 today i gor dressed in a knee length blue skater dress and black converse shoes. I grabbed my diary and a robe and called for the school owl

@mud_thinknot: are you ready im heading down to the whomping willows

There was no answer but i just decided to go. When i got there i decided to sit in the grass. About 30 minutes passed and he still wasnt there i got up and started to cry a ran back to my dorm.

Dracos POV

I was walking across the bring heading towards the whomping willows while i was walking over the bring i saw Ash she looked sad i ignored it and headed towards the willows. No one was there i took out my wand and said a spell, a box of weasleys chocolates appeared along with roses and a slytherin and Gryffindor ring i sat down with all the gifts and waited for her. About 15 minutes passes and i looked around for her i saw a notebook open on the gorund next to me it read "remember not even all the pollution in the world will stop me from seeing you shine because you are my star" i was shocked i read the front of it "This belongs to Astrid Albus Randolph" i realized everything why ash was crying,why she laughed with me, why @mud_thinknot said that she was bullied. I ran to the school and up to the Gryiffindor common room "Where is Ash!!!"

Astrid POV

I was sitting on my bed when i heard Draco "Where is Ash!!!" I ran out into the middle room "Draco?" He smiled "I love you i know that you are mud_thinknot and dont denie it you left your notebook at the willows" he had chocolates and two rings a slytherin ring and Gryffindor ring "this is so you will always think of me" he put the slytherin ring on me and the other on him "Astrid Albus Randolph will you be my girlfriend" i smiled "yes" he cupped my face and kissed me "I love you mudblood" he hugged me "and i love you my Slytherin Prince"

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