Crash of Olympus

Delia Nelson is new to Camp Half-Blood. She doesn't understand why no one ever told her "Hey, you're a demigod." if so many people knew about her. And the whole Greek Mythology thing never really intrigued her. But now, she has to adjust to a new life full of it. Especially because her parent is a god or goddess. On top of all that, everyone at camp is freaking out because some "Great Prophecy" seems to be happening right before their eyes. Only the prophecy isn't really that great, and it could involve a lot of deaths. And of course, Delia has something to do with it.


4. Chapter 4

**Delia**. (I don't know if you can see the quotation marks, but I can't. So please bare with me as I try to fix it)

Every one was waiting for the whistle to blow so we could start the game. My heart was already racing, even though I was only standing there with about 150 pounds of armor on.

Percy was already checking where everyone was standing. His eyes swept across the opponents side swiftly.

The whistle finally sounded and madness broke out. People charged at other campers. Percy had to pull me back to keep me from getting attacked.

''Their weakest part is over there. We can sneak over to their side, then sneak around in the woods.''

I nodded the best I could with a 20 pound helmet on my head.

We successfully made it over to the other teams side with out drawing any attention to ourselves. The woods was too quiet, I noticed. Usually animals would be doing their thing, but I guess everyone's fighting scared them away.

''Get your sword ready. Someone is coming.''

''Metamorphoó.'' I whispered.

It glowed slightly, but not as bright as the first or second time.

I hid behind a tree as Percy crouched down behind a conveniently placed large rock.

''No one is here.'' A voice said.

''I heard people over here.'' Said a second voice. It was a girl.

''Piper, you're crazy.''

''Just wait a few seconds.'' She said.

''Fine.'' Said the boy.

I heard footsteps walk over to the tree I was hiding behind, then a shout. ''I told you!''

I readied my sword, but Percy jumped out from his rock and started attacking. Before he did, he gave me a quick glance telling me to stay hidden.

As much at I wanted to help, I stayed hidden. I felt bad leaving him out there with two people, but, I figured he could handle it. From what I heard he did things way more difficult than taking on two teenagers.

''Put the sword down.''The girl said calmly.

''Piper! That's not fair!'' Percy said.

''C'mon, just set it on the ground.''

I peeked around the tree to see what was happening. Percy still had both hands wrapped firmly around his sword, and was staring the girl directly in her eyes.

Piper had choppy hair braided on both sides. She had a dagger in her hand, it was mesmerizing. With her was a boy with a mess of curly black hair.

Don't listen to her Percy... I thought.

The boy directed his attention to the tree, but I moved before he could see me. Leaves started crunching, and I tightened my grip on my sword.

Please don't find me.

"Hey!" He shouted, poking his head around the tree.

I swung my sword on instinct, making him back up. I ran the other way and stood next to Percy.

"I was spotted." I said quickly.

"Oh really?" He asked sarcastically.

I nodded, but I don't think Percy realized because he was already taking on Piper.

Curly was making his way over to me, and I just stood there like an idiot.

When he finally got close enough, I swung my sword once again, but missed.

Swing, duck, stab, dodge. Nothing was happening. Neither of us could hit the other. I could hear metal clashing from Percy's fight and I wasn't really sure on what I could do. I wanted to do something, but what?

That's when it hit me. Rule number one, try do distract your opponent. I looked up in mock shock. "Awesome!" I exclaimed.

Curly looked up, confused as to what could be so 'awesome'. I chose this moment to attack. Pushing him back, I swung my sword. It sliced his arm.

"Ouch!" He cried.

"Sorry about that!" I said sincerely.

The next thing I did didn't really show that I was sorry. I cut his hand slightly, making him grab his whole right arm. Curly quickly regained himself and took out a hammer from his tool belt.

A son of Hephaestus.

How I knew that, I didn't know. It was probably the tool belt. Or maybe the hammer that he used for a weapon.

"Okay, look, Chickadee." He said. "We don't want any problems. Just get if our territory."

"Oh, sorry. Did you pee over here or something? I mean, that's how dogs claim their territory. It wouldn't surprise me if you did the same."

He smirked. "Alright. What's your name."

Rule number two. Never let your opponent distract you.

"Why do you care?" I asked, pointing my sword at him.

"Because, I want to know."

I looked at him skeptically. Percy and Piper were surprisingly, still going at it, I realized.

"I'm Delia. And you are?"

"Leo Valdez." He put his hammer away and stuck out his hand.

I squinted at him suspiciously. It could be a trap. Or it could be a friendly guy wanting to be nice to the newbie. I decided on the fact that it could be a trap and poked him in the chest with my sword.

"Alright, Valdez. Where is the flag?"

He laughed. "I'm not sure. Somewhere around here. Why would I tell you anyway?"

"Because I have a sword pressed to your chest."

Leo removed the sword from his chest looking unamused.

"Riiight. It's not that simple, Chickadee."

"Would you stop calling me that?"

He thought for a moment. "No. Anyway. Just because you point something sharp at someone doesn't mean you get what you want."

I sighed.

"And besides. How old are you? Eight?"

"Thirteen." (Supposed to be in italics but it broke again)

"Oh...well that's awkward."

"I'm a normal sized thirteen year old!" I exclaimed.

"Leo!" Piper called. "A little help?"

"Hold that thought, I'll be right back."

"Oh, you're not going anywhere."

He studied me for a few moments. "Who is your parent anyway. You remind me of a child of Ares."


"Yeah. Short temper...short in general." Leo wore a cheeky grin.

I couldn't tell if he was doing this to be mean, or to just kid around. I went with kidding around because I'm trying not to make enemies here. And I guess he would be okay.

I looked behind him to see Percy giving Piper her weapon back. She pointed to the left then looked over at Leo nervously. Since Leo's back was turned, he didn't see it. I almost didn't see it because it happened so fast, but I knew that Piper was lying. The flag wasn't to the left. And since there was a deep creek, I figured that it wouldn't be on the other side of it. So the flag was to the right.

Percy nodded to her then signaled me to follow him.

"Sorry, Valdez, but I gotta go. Have fun walking around."

"Bye Chickadee."

I rolled my eyes when I turned to walk over to Percy.

"Did Piper tell you where the flag was?" I asked.

"She said it was over here."

"Ok, yeah, no it's not. It's to the right. I saw her look over at Leo like she was lying and then back at you. It was only for a few moments, but I am positive I saw it."

"So where do you think it is?" He asked.

"Over there. Think, Percy. There is a creek there, Piper lied about it being to the left. The only logical explanation would be to the right. Unless there is a second child of Poseidon that I'm not aware of that would have put it on the other side."

"Oh, wow. That's actually really smart. "

We went into the woods and waited until Leo and Piper left. Then we sprinted to the other side and quickly found the flag. It wasn't very well hidden, but you could tell that they really did try.

I started to move towards the flag when Percy stuck out his arm. "Wait. Annabeth is probably around here."

"How do you know?" I asked.

"Experience." He shrugged.

We waited behind a tree then Percy cautiously stepped forward. I followed his example, careful not to make any noise. When he was just about to grab the flag, someone grabbed me from behind.

I bit my lip to keep myself from screaming, realizing it was only Annabeth. When I look back, I saw it was just her, so I wasn't really worried about it. Percy could easily grab the flag and get to our side while I distracted Annabeth.

"Oh, hi!" I said, trying not to sound freaked out. "Look I got a sword."

She looked at me, as if saying 'do you not realize that we are about to be in the middle of a heated battle?'

Percy looked back at us and drew his sword. Annabeth looked at me, then at Percy. The next thing I knew, I was stumbling backwards as Annabeth jumped towards Percy, swinging a dagger like crazy. While both of them were distracted, I tried to grab the flag, but it was too heavy for me to pick up. I kept trying to lift the flag, but no matter how hard I pulled the flag, it stayed in place.

"What did you guys do, glue it in the ground?"

Annabeth looked back at me and threw a dagger that was still in its sheath. I dodged- well actually I fell- before it could hit me. Maybe I was wrong. Annabeth would hurt me. Over a flag.

She pushed Percy to the ground and ran over to me, I backed away until I worked up the courage to face her. And until there was enough room for Percy to grab the flag and make a run for it.

I ducked when she swung at me with her dagger and used my sword to try and deflect her hits. It didn't work too well, because she kept cutting me on my face and hands.

I looked over at Percy nervously and saw him grabbing the flag. He started running to get back to our side and I let out a quick sigh of relief. It was soon replaced with a squeal when Annabeth sliced my arm. Through the armor.

She looked back and realized Percy was gone, along with the flag. Swearing under her breath, she took off towards the direction in which Percy went. I chased after her, not really knowing what else to do.

Annabeth was yelling orders at trees. There were people behind the trees so she wasn't crazy.

Arrows started flying at me, and one hit me in the leg. I cried out in pain as I hit the ground. Annabeth stopped running and saw me laying there.

"Naomi! Did you seriously shoot her in the leg?"

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to! It was an accident, I swear!"

Annabeth took off running again, ordering Naomi to take me to Chiron. Before Naomi could even walk over to me, I heard cheering in the distance. Then people were chanting Percy's name. I was excited that we won.

Even though my leg was practically broken, and I couldn't walk, I tried to get up.

"Woah. I got you." Naomi said as I almost fell back. "Sorry I shot you. I would try to heal you but I'm not very good at that stuff."

"Can you please just try to help me?"

"Yeah. Chiron will get it wrapped up for you. Let's go."

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