Crash of Olympus

Delia Nelson is new to Camp Half-Blood. She doesn't understand why no one ever told her "Hey, you're a demigod." if so many people knew about her. And the whole Greek Mythology thing never really intrigued her. But now, she has to adjust to a new life full of it. Especially because her parent is a god or goddess. On top of all that, everyone at camp is freaking out because some "Great Prophecy" seems to be happening right before their eyes. Only the prophecy isn't really that great, and it could involve a lot of deaths. And of course, Delia has something to do with it.


22. Chapter 22


Leo does like me.

No matter how many times I hear it, or say it, it doesn't seem like it could be true.

He can't like me.

He just can't.

It's been two days since Leo and I last spoke. Between him trying to avoid me and me trying to avoid him, it wasn't that difficult to not talk to each other.

But, it was hard to not want to talk to him. He was so sweet and nice and funny, and oh my gods I miss talking to him.

Percy doesn't seem to be able to pick up the tension between the two of us. He keeps making Leo take watch after him, although I usually wake up when Percy goes to sleep.

In other words, he's oblivious.

Yesterday, we were watching a transformer. It ended up finding us and chased us away from our nice little cave. But, guess who had to save Leo's butt. Me. The only words exchanged between us was "Thanks." And "You're welcome."

Of course I wanted to say more and call him an idiot for not running when I told him to. In fact, I started to call him stupid and he walked away before I could get the word 'you're' out of my mouth.

"Where to now?" I asked.

"I guess we go to the city."

"And how do you think we get there?"

"Once, when I was younger, I rode in a taxi, but it was a little hectic."

"When is it not? So we just go closer and try to get a taxi?"

"Not exactly."

I frowned as Percy did a New-York-City-taxi-hailing-whistle. Moments later, a cab appeared in front of us.

"Woah." Mumbled Leo.

It was run down. The windshield had a crack in it and the bumper was half attached to the front. It looked like it hadn't been washed in at least five years.

"You rode in that?"


"And I have to, as well?"

He nodded and opened the door for me.

"After you."

"Actually, you go in first."

Percy shrugged and climbed into the taxi. I stood there staring at the hearse until Leo nudged my shoulder. Quickly, I crawled inside.

"And you."

I jumped. "Me?"

"Delia Nelson. Daughter of Poseidon. Mother--"

"You can stop there, thank you."

Three ladies sat in the front. I couldn't see their faces, but Percy already seemed uneasy.

Leo got in.

"Leo Valdez. Son of Hephaestus. Mother, Esperanza Valdez. You want to make the girl you love, love you back."

I swallowed.

"W-what?" He asked.

Percy turned to look at Leo. "What?"

"I don't know. I don't love anyone. Not in that way. I-I swear!"

I could hear the smile in one of their voices. "Oh, but--"

"Who are you?" I asked.

"It's rude to interrupt."

"It's rude to tell people's life stories without permission. Who are you?"

The three of them turned to face me, and I had to bite my tongue so I couldn't scream.

Only one of them had an eye. AN eye.

Leo got as close to the seat as he possibly could. "Oh gods!"

"Guys. Calm down." Percy touched my shoulder.

"Calm down? You expect these people to drive us into the city with only one eye. Nope, sorry Perce you're crazy. I'm getting out of this car." I reached over Leo and tried to open the door. "Can you unlock this please?"

"New York City? That's not far."

"Buckle up sweetie." One said. "It's going to be a bumpy ride."

I slammed into Leo's chest when the driver hit the gas. I barely managed to sit up straight even with both of the guys trying to help me up.

Everything passing by outside was a blur, it was surprising we hadn't crashed yet, considering the speed we were going and the driver didn't have the eye.

I grabbed Percy's arm tightly. "Why would you make me do this?"

"We'll be there soon."

They took a sharp turn throwing me on top of Percy, and Leo on me.

"We told you to buckle up."

"Gee, sorry!"

Another turn sent Leo flying towards the door.

"Ugh, I'm gonna be sick." He murmured.

"Don't worry. You'll get used to the sickness in a few minutes."

"We're going to die." I decided.

When the car came to an abrupt stop, poor Leo went flying into the drivers seat, and fell back into his, hitting his head a few times.

When he didn't sit back up, I screamed. "You killed him!"

"Oh, calm down. He's just unconscious."

The first door flew open and Leo fell out of the car. My eyes widened as Percy stifled a laugh.

I quickly got out of the car and tried to help him up.

"Don't laugh at him, you jerk. Help me!"

Percy got out and put Leo's arm around one of his shoulders.

"You still need to pay us, Jackson."

"Eh, no hablo Inglés?"

The door slammed shut. "Have it your way. Just know you will pay." It sped off, barely missing our toes.

"Where to now?" Asked Percy.

"People are staring at us."

Someone stopped in front of us. "Is he okay."

"Oh Leo? Yeah, he just fell asleep in the taxi. It's been a long day, you know?"

The man checked his watch. "It's 11:30. Are you kids lost?"

"I'm not a kid. I'm 18, this is my little sister and our friend. We're just dropping him off at his house. Excuse me."

His eyes changed color from blue to a shade of green. No one else seemed to realize.

"I could take you there, make sure you're safe."

"It's really, close, thanks. We can handle it."

"I insist. I can't let a group of kids--"

"I'm not a kid." Percy said through gritted teeth. "Now move."

"Delia, you know you want me to help. It would be much easier."

"Let go." I jerked my arm out of his hand.

He stared at me as if he was shocked I resisted him.

"Oh, right. Forgot I looked like this."

He changed into a guy wearing a Hawaiian shirt and khaki shorts. He looked like an older version of Percy but with lighter hair.

"Dad!" Percy exclaimed, dropping Leo to hug him.

I struggled to pick him up. "Dad? You're my dad? Poseidon?"

"Yeah. Hello Delia."

"Oh my gods."

A/N: Sorry for the sucky update, guys. I'll try to update more, but school has started back up and I have a lot of homework these days. I'm so sorry.

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