Those Cruel Eyes

THIS IS A SEQUAL TO JIM HENSON'S LABYRINTH!! I would advise watching the movie beforehand.
Sarah has left the Goblin King alone in his world after falling in love with her. Years pass and she marries, banishing any hope of future love. But when Sarah calls out to him in an hour of need, will he put aside their differences and love again? Or is it just too much?


4. Chapter 3


"Goblin," Jareth called, adjusting his midnight coat. A goblin rushed in.

"Yes, My Lord?" the goblin asked, bowing deeply.

Jareth turned from the dirty mirror before him and looked at the tall, thin creature.

"How do I look?"

The goblin-- named Hoggle-- studied his master. His spiky blonde hair was showered with its usual glitter, his breeches black and proudly showing his masculinity. His dark grey poet shirt was tucked it, his strange amulet sitting on his chest. His knee-high black boots almost completely blended in with the breeches, and the torn cloak gave him the true Fae regalia. He looked like a proud lord, much like he used to. Hoggle bowed again.

"Absolutely terrifying Your Majesty. You will strike fear into the hearts of all the men, and lust into the hearts of the women. As usual, of course My Liege."

Jareth allowed himself a half-smile of affection to this brown-nosing goblin.

"See, Hoggle?" Jareth asked, turning back to the mirror, "This is why you are my favorite."

Hoggle grinned, hiding how much he loathed his master.

"Thank you, My Lord."

Jareth adjusted his cloak again, and brushed a strand of gold from his eyes. "Well, I best be going. Don't want to be late for the ball." he stepped off the platform he was on and strode out the double doors, leaving Hoggle alone in the room, plotting the assassination of the Goblin King.

The palace was magnificent. It had a large, cast-iron gate that lead into an expansive outdoor courtyard. The palace itself seemed to be made of fire opal, shimmering and changing color like solid water; changing and moving, but still and solid. It had seven towers, four at the entrance wall, three behind, giving it the appearance of Cinderella's castle, surrounded by trees like the castle in Neuschwanstein, Germany.

Jareth strode in through the open gates and was immediately greeted by his friend, King Archibald.

"Jareth! My goodness, it has been, what, a hundred fifty years?" Archibald grinned and thumped Jareth on the back. Archibald was Jareth’s elder by fifty years, but appeared as ageless as Jareth. He had dark, thick red hair, and a generous bone structure. He had grown a bit since Jareth last saw him, due no doubt to the abundance of wealth and food he has been gifted with.

"Two hundred, Archibald." Jareth corrected, grinned back.

"My, my, you've gotten thin. Has something happened?" Archibald's eyebrows disappeared into his red hair. His thick Irish accent was filled with concern. "Ye ain't hurt, right? Nor any of your little goblins?"

Jareth smiled slightly, rubbing his friend’s shoulder reassuringly.

"Not physically, Archibald, not physically, however certain minorities have lost their ways on leadership." Jareth removed his hand and clasped them together behind his back. Archibald looked at him a moment, puzzlement clear on his features (being friends with Jareth meant you were almost always confused with his constant riddles), but he was spared from saying anything more when a young girl strode forward.

"Ah, lad, meet me daughter, Isadora. Lassie, this is my friend, King Jareth of the Labyrinth."

Jareth's eyes widened and he straightened as he took into account Isadora's beauty. Unlike her father, she was tall and willowy, taking after her mother in her rich, dark hair and pale skin. She looked like a porcelain doll, with the slightly pink cheeks and red lips in stark contrast to her pale face. Her strange gold eyes darted to the floor when she saw Jareth, and a slight pink coloured her neck and face. She was wearing a light gold gown that brought out her eyes and the small golden leaves woven into her curled hair.

"Archibald, do you mind if I ask your daughter for a dance?" Jareth asked his friend, his eyes not leaving Isadora's face.

Archibald looked to his daughter, then to Jareth, and back to his daughter. A smile of understanding crossed his face.

"If I were to allow anyone to dance with my daughter, there would be no finer man than you, Jareth." On that note, Archibald left Jareth and Isadora.

Jareth offered a gloved hand to Isadora. "May I have this dance?" Jareth asked, smiling to her. She looked up and hesitantly took his hand. A smile crossed her lips as she shyly looked into his eyes through her thick, dark lashes. Jareth smirked in return and pulled her gently into the middle of the floor. He placed his other hand on her waist and guided her into a traditional ballroom dance. Many envious eyes followed them as they skirted throughout the room. All the other dancers immediately moved, giving Jareth and Isadora the floor while giving them a sight to behold. No Fae attending had ever seen Jareth be so taken with any woman. It was a shock to see him dancing with a woman, and Princess Isadora, no less!

Sensing the many eyes upon them, Jareth smiled to Isadora and slowly came to a stop. He leaned over to her ear.

"There are too many eyes here. Would you like to go to the fountain?" he whispered, his breath tickling Isadora's ear.

Isadora said nothing, just smiled and blushed. Jareth took that as a 'yes' and swept her out of the room and into the courtyard, shutting the doors firmly behind them.

The couple was sitting by the fountain, holding hands but not speaking. Isadora looked at Jareth and saw his face was drawn, stony. She squeezed his gloved hand gently.

"Is everything alright?" she asked, her voice filled with concern. Jareth turned to her and smiled slightly, his eyes untouched by the warmth, staying as cold and implacable as they had been for four years.

"Not quite," he sighed, looking back at the full moon, "I... I think I just destroyed a life."

"Did you... Kill... Someone?" Isadora asked, her eyes widening.

"No! No, I didn't kill... I just told someone that I murdered their friend... Just to cause them pain." he bowed his head, looking ashamed. Isadora relaxed and squeezed his hand reassuringly.

"Tell me," she whispered, looking at Jareth through her eyelashes.

Jareth looked at her, his eyes and expression utterly vulnerable, so full of pain that Isadora had to look away.

"I was invited to a wedding of a... Friend... And this friend had hurt me, very badly, by taking away the woman I fell in love with. This girl is... Human... But very beautiful. She was taken from me, and I found her at her wedding, and yelled… horrible things to her... I told her that I murdered her friend to punish her for what she did to me."

"Did you?" Isadora asked calmly.

Jareth rounded on her. "No," he snapped. "No, I, I told him that I was going to chop off his head, but I really just sent him to my castle to be my servant for life as his punishment versus murder, that I would supply the necessities if he would just pretend he was dead. I did the same to the girl's other friends, begging them to listen to me. So far they have. I haven't murdered before and I sure as hell will not let some human girl to drive me to that." he turned away from Isadora. "She almost drove me mad," he whispered, “she did drive me mad. How do I know that I’m not imagining all this? Am I really in my bedroom, ranting and raving?” He looked back into Isadora's sympathetic face.

“You are living in the real world.” She said softly, stroking his hand with her soft fingers, tracing shapes in his hands as she stared into his eyes.

“How do you know?” Jareth breathed, his eyes on her lips. Unconsciously, the pair were leaning closer together, and stopped an inch away.

“If you were hallucinating, this wouldn’t be real.”

“What—“ Jareth started, but he was interrupted as Isadora closed the space between their lips.

Sarah was home, in her bed curled in a fetal position. She was still crying. Robert had given up trying to comfort her hours ago, and he left her to be alone in her grief. Sarah got up and stumbled into the bathroom. She pressed both her hands on the mirror and cried.

"Hoggle! Oh no, no..." she sank to the ground, tears stopping because she had no more to shed. In the midst of her grief, she was startled by a gentle hand on her shoulder. She whirled around and was face-to-face with none other than Hoggle!

"Hoggle!" Sarah screeched, launching herself in his arms. Hoggle hugged her back then gently pried her away.

"Sarah, what's wrong?" he asked, his eyes filled with confusion.

"I thought you were dead!" Sarah hiccupped, putting her hands in front of her mouth.

"Dead?" Hoggle raised his brow in confusion.

"Yes! Jareth told me that... He… murdered you!"

Hoggle raised an eyebrow at Sarah. "You really believed him?" he said, his lips turning up in amusement.

Sarah paused. "Yes... The look in his eyes... It was too... Cold! Like the arctic. I hardly recognized him. He's changed into something... Deadly."

Hoggle rolled his eyes. "You are too dramatic for your own good Sarah." he smiled comfortingly and patted her shoulder. "There there. Don't cry! Jareth... Well, he's a fickle one."

"Fickle isn't exactly the word I would’ve used." Sarah muttered, “Maybe another word that begins with “f”…” Hoggle shrugged.

"Well, Jareth only told you that I was dead because... Well, you destroyed him, Sarah. After you left, he... He went mad. He was deranged. After he left you at your home in the Aboveground, he told me that he was going to kill me for my betrayal. But when he… sent me, there’s really no way to describe it, I opened my eyes and found myself in his castle, and I am now put to work as his personal servant. He said that he'd supply me with my heart's desires, as long as I didn't leave. And I haven't. He even left me a mirror to go see you."

Sarah stared at Hoggle in disbelief. "He... Did that?"

"Yes," Hoggle smiled, but just as quickly it faded. "But the only reason he didn’t kill me was because of you."


"Yeah. He came to me. I asked him why I wasn't dead, and he told me that it would destroy you and you'd never trust him again. But... When he got the invite from you to me... He... Blew up. It was terrifying. He destroyed the Labyrinth."

"He what?!" Sarah gasped, hardy daring to believe it. "But it was his pride! How—?"

It held too many painful memories, I guess," Hoggle shrugged. "I haven't seen him since. However, there is a rumor going around the goblin city that he's found himself a mate."

Sarah froze, her face going expressionless. Hoggle wasn't paying attention, his eyes grew wistful.

"I heard that she is the most beautiful and respected royal Fae ever to live. It is told that she and Jareth were made for each other. A goblin on the inside has told goblinfolk that Jareth was planning to pop the question soon. I sure hope so."

Sarah stayed still, as if the slightest movement would shatter her. "When did they meet?" Sarah asked.

"Oh, the same day of your wedding, he went to a ball in celebration of his friend’s birthday and met Isadora."

Sarah nodded."Thank you, Hoggle, and I truly am glad that you are alive." she hugged him quickly, "Well, I need to go, Robert's concerned and I need to go put his mind at ease. I'll see you tomorrow?" Sarah asked hopefully.

"Sure, Sarah," Hoggle smiled and climbed back into the mirror, disappearing instantly. Sarah's fake smile dropped and she hugged herself.

"Why does it hurt so much to know that he's in love with another?" Sarah asked herself.

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