Those Cruel Eyes

THIS IS A SEQUAL TO JIM HENSON'S LABYRINTH!! I would advise watching the movie beforehand.
Sarah has left the Goblin King alone in his world after falling in love with her. Years pass and she marries, banishing any hope of future love. But when Sarah calls out to him in an hour of need, will he put aside their differences and love again? Or is it just too much?


3. Chapter 2


"Goblin! My cloak!" Jareth snapped. A miniscule goblin-- named Paddle-- scurried in, and in his rush, accidently slipped on his master's cape and tumbled to the ground at Jareth's feet, tangled in the black fabric.

"Pitiful creature," Jareth snarled cruelly, snatching the cloak, causing poor Paddle to do a twirl in the air before landing hard on the stone floor. Not even sparing Paddle a glance, Jareth straightened his cloak and pinned it in place. He took a long look at himself in the dirty mirror and closed his eyes. He took a deep breath and was transported to the ruins in his nightmare, once again seeing Sarah's face twisted with hatred and scorn, reliving the words she snarled at him.

"Why is it always the ones you love that hurt you the most?" he sighed, his broken heart aching in his chest. His eyes still shut; Jareth began to sing, forgetting he wasn't alone.

​​​"What hurts the most

​​​Is being so close

​​​and having so much to say

and watching you walk away

​​​"and never knowing

​​​what could’ve been

​​​and not seeing that loving you

​​​is what i was trying to do,"

Paddle paused and listened. Jareth's voice was so full of pain; he felt tears leaking out of the corners of his eyes. His small heart broke for his master.

"Sire," Paddle spoke softly, tugging on Jareth's cloak. Jareth looked down and saw Paddle holding out his riding crop. Hating the pity in the goblin's eyes, Jareth slapped him across his face with the riding crop and stormed out without a word.

Jareth was lounged comfortably on the reserved pew in the very back of the church, the one meant for Hoggle. The entire pew was shrouded in shadow, the only light in the church from all of the lavender scented candles, giving the church a relaxed and mystical pretense. He was late, however that suited him well, for he didn’t have to wait long for the ceremony to start. Jareth smirked and flicked his wrist slightly, and the music began to play.

The guests--sans Jareth-- stood up and looked to the entrance. Jareth was fiddling with the glove on his right hand when the swish of a dress involuntary pulled his eyes to the source. It was Sarah, her wedding dress reminiscent to the same one Jareth had her in three years ago. Her rich, dark curls were pulled to her back, intertwined with silver leaves, a gossamer veil covering her radiant face. Jareth's heart sputtered and died in his chest when the full realization hit him. She was lost. Forever. She was walking voluntarily into the breast of another man. Jareth's eyes stung and his hand slipped off the pew.

It was then Jareth realized that he was craning his neck anxiously to get a glimpse of his lost lover. He chided himself and slipped back into the relaxed, 'I-could-care-less' position while his shattered heart stung in his chest, the ice around it growing colder and thicker as his emotions were replaced with hatred. He hated her, he hated her with a cold passion that thickened his armor; he hated her dark, sweet-smelling hair; hated her smile, her green eyes, her beauty.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness the bond of matrimony between Sarah Anne and Robert Matthew." The priest (or pastor, Jareth didn't care; human worshippers to false gods were to no interest to him) began to drone on about how "no two souls were made more for each other," making Jareth want to obviously gag aloud like a jealous schoolboy, although he satisfied himself by rolling his eyes very, very obviously.

"Do you, Sarah Anne, take Robert Matthew, to love and to honour, to be your lawfully wedded husband?" the priest asked, recapturing Jareth's attention.

"No," Jareth whispered imperceptibly.

"I do," Sarah spoke, her voice ringing through the church like music box bells.

"No," Jareth repeated. His hands began to shake as the blood drained from his face. His calm face was beginning to crack.

"If anyone has any objections to this couple, speak now or forever hold your peace."

"Well, I certainly won't hold my peace," a very familiar voice cut through the harmonious silence. Sarah turned from her fiancée only to look at no other than Jareth, standing up in the pew reserved for Hoggle.

"Jareth?" Sarah asked, angry tears gathering in the corners of her eyes. "Where's Hoggle? Why are you here? You weren’t invited!" she half shrieked in terror. She didn’t want Jareth to see her with another man; it made her feel like she was cheating.

Still looking at her with that piercing gaze, Jareth slowly walked from the pew and onto the aisle. For Sarah, it was like looking into the eyes of a stranger. All the mischievousness was gone, replaced by stone. His body structure was thinner, his cheeks sallow. He still walked with grace, but he was tense, his hands folded behind his back. But the most alarming transformation that terrified her the most was his eyes. They were haunted, and colder than the arctic, full of cold hatred. All directed at Sarah. Suddenly she felt very small. His eyes had the same look as those behind a pistol, shooting to kill.

"Hey, buddy, what do you think—" Robert had stepped protectively in front of Sarah, but he suddenly froze. Sarah started, looking at all the other guests. Jareth had frozen time.

He continued to walk up to her, looking like a predator. He got up to the stairs and put his hand almost tenderly on Robert's face. Just when Sarah thought he was going to do something crazy, like kiss him, Jareth pushed with all his might. Robert flew through the air and crashed into a row of pews on top of one of the female guests.

Jareth reached out the same hand towards Sara hand stroked her cheek. She shivered, for his hands were like ice.

"Hello again, my dearest Sarah," he said softly. She would’ve believed that he was seducing her if it weren’t for the cold, cruel look in his eyes. His touch grew forceful as he gripped her jaw, the veins standing out on his hand as he tried to control his anger.

"Don't be so surprised, dear," he said sardonically, gritting his teeth so tight that his jaw began to ache.

"Jareth," Sarah gasped, searching his eyes for what used to be, "What happened to you? You've become..."

"A monster?" Jareth snarled, his fangs glinting in the candle light. "My dear, you haven’t even heard of my recent accomplishments these four years,"

Sarah said nothing, her eyes desperately searching his for the man she knew before.

"I guess you are wondering where Higgle--"


"Is?" Jareth pressed, his grip growing impossibly tighter on her jaw, ignoring Sarah's correction. She smiled a bit, seeing a flicker of his old self, not this cold shell.

"Yes. Where is he? You didn’t punish him too bad, did you?" Sarah pleaded.

Jareth smiled, scaring Sarah. It was an evil smile, filled with malice and unspoken threats. "Yes, I did. He betrayed me, allowed you to escape with my prize. So..." his smile grew impossibly wider, making Sarah think of the Cheshire cat, filled with evil intent and hidden secrets he was dying to tell her, just to cause pain. Forgetting her fear, Sarah pushed Jareth’s hand away and grabbed him by the front of his cape.

"What did you do to him? What did you do?!" she screamed, praying he was not going to say what she knew he was going to say. He pried her fingers loose easily and spoke:

"Calm down, girl. Goodness, you are going to ruffle my cape." he shoved her away, making her trip and fall flat on her butt.

He leaned down. "Do you want to know what I did to that traitor and thief? I chopped off his hands--"

"No," Sarah gasped, scarcely daring to believe it.

"--Cut out his tongue--"


"--and cut off his head!" Jareth finished, his heart rising at the pain he was causing her; his smile full of cruelty and evil joy.

"NO!" Sarah screamed, tears running freely down her face. "Why?" she sobbed.

"TO PUNISH YOU FOR WHAT YOU DID TO ME!" Jareth screamed at her, losing his cool. "LOOK AT ME! IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED? TO DRIVE ME TO THE BRINK OF MADNESS? WELL IT WORKED! I WILL DESTROY YOUR LIFE AS YOU HAVE DESTROYED MINE! I WILL RUIN YOU! I WILL HAVE MY REVENGE!" He paused, closing his eyes and taking a deep breath. When he opened them again, his eyes were less demented. He bent down to her eye level and spoke softly, stroking her cheek. She flinched.

"Sweet dreams, Sarah," he smiled. On that note, Jareth melted into nothingness, and time started again.

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