Why You Should Worship My Nose!!!

Hay You Yea You read me its about my beautiful nose!!!!


1. My Nose Is Awesome Worship It!!!!!!!!!!

Hi there this is Maliksgirl423 Grayglory here and im here to tell you why you should worship my beautiful awesome NOSE!!!!!!

OK so first my nose is on my awesome face so i think its would to be awesome to worship!!!

Second off its mine and im awesome

third its a nose

forth who wouldn't listen to a crazy person wait never mind im not crazy *Eyes Widen* *about to run*

OK so i maybe crazy but i think you should still worship my nose and btw my nose is the cover photo lol its awesome

so i'm maliksgirl423 grayglory (The Nose Lord) And i approve that you should worship my awesome beautiful (Ugly) Nose That is Upon My Face

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