Infinity - TFioS

This is just my way of, I don't know, closure? I finished re-reading TFioS for the 4th time and just got the sudden urge to write this. So I did. And now I'm posting it :) I hope you guys like it :)


1. Epilogue

It happened faster than I thought it would. Death.


My parents had been at my bedside for the entirety of my stay at Children's after I got really bad. The cancer had finally adapted to the Phalanxifor and it was no longer slowing the growth of the cancer cells. So, Dr. Maria got me off it and spent a while trying to find some other medication for me to try. There were two. However, both caused more harm than it did good according to the doctors so I was just taken off the medication. Eventually I was kept in the hospital with just painkillers to get me by. 

I never expected there to be anything after I died. Just death, you know? But whatever this was, wasn't just something. I was pretty sure it was Something with a capital S.

I looked around and recognized it instantly as the Vondelpark, the park I visited with Gus in Amsterdam. My eyes widened as I noticed something. At once, my hand felt beneath my nose to confirm my suspicions. No cannula. I grinned, I was finally free.

I ran around the park and then, when I got tired, I went to sit in the shade of a tree. My thoughts wandered to the day I was here, well, in the real Vondelpark. My mum, Gus, and I. That was the day that Gus told me he'd had a recurrence. It was then that I let myself think of Augustus Waters. Where was he now? What was his Something like?

Then, I heard a voice by my ear. A voice I never thought I'd hear again.

"Hello, Hazel Grace."

"Augustus?" I whispered. I turned to see his beautiful blue eyes and mahogany hair. "Oh Augustus!" I hugged him. I hugged him tighter than I have ever done before and the tears that had been threatening to spill were already out, making his polo wet.

"You miss me?" He chuckled as he hugged me back and rested his chin on the top of my head.

"Of course I missed you, you idiot!" I managed to say between sobs.

"I know, I missed you too." He tilted my head upwards so we were looking directly in each other's eyes and then he kissed me. It was probably the wettest kiss I've had but I didn't care, I finally had Gus back.

After a while we wandered around the park while I informed him of what happened after he died.

Monica had finally contacted Isaac about 3 months later but, thankfully, he was no longer interested. Martha had had another child, a boy, who she named Christopher Augustus, after her 'favourite little brother'.

"Only little brother." Gus corrected with a smirk.

"Whatever." I shoved him lightly and smiled, cuddling up to him and taking in his scent.

It was after a while of sitting on a park bench and talking that I realised, this was it. This was the invisible and tenuous third space that we had only ever reached by phone. But now we were here, actually here, and I was so damn happy.

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