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5. The Bane of His Existence [RomanoxReader]


A/N: Rated PG-14 for Romano's language. Also, I'm  American. I say Soccer. 99% of the world, however, calls it Football/Futbol. Therefore, I'll kind of use both. You'll see. 


        If it had been up to Lovino, he never, not in a million years, would have picked an assistant coach. Never, ever, ever! He couldn't stand working with anyone. Everyone was annoying or a dumb bastard, according to him. But his little brother's team, the team he was coaching, insisted on it. In fact, they insisted on having her as the assistant coach. 

        The bane of Lovino's existence had showed up on a Wednesday afternoon when he brought his foot/soccer ball team to practice in the local park. Already playing the sport in the field was a girl, about the same age as Lovino. He looked at her with a particular disdain. His players, however, watched her with awe. They watched as she kicked the ball far away into the field, then bounced it on her knees, on her head, and then back to her knees. Lovino's younger brother, named Feliciano, one of the players of his team, tugged on his shirt. "Veh~ fratello! We-a should ask her to-a help coach us!" Lovino frowned. 

        "Stupido! I will-a not ask a stupid girl to help-a me. She's-a just showing off!" Little did Lovino know that the 'stupid girl' had pretty good hearing. As soon as the words left his lips, the girl stopped playing. She turned her head slowly toward Lovino and the group of children around him. "Hey!" The girl called out. Lovino frowned. "You talkin' to me?" He asked. She nodded. "Get over here, you stupid Italian!" Lovino felt his cheeks redden in fury.

       "Stupid Italian!? I'll-a show you who's-a stupid, ragazza!" Lovino charged at the girl, prepared the steal the soccer ball that had been carefully placed beside her foot. The girl was smirking as he charged her in a blind rage. As Lovino approached her, she moved the ball away in a short stride, watching as he tried to kick empty air. He fell on his back, wheezing as the air escaped his lungs. He soon recovered, getting up. "S-Stupida," he mumbled, shaking the dirt off his shorts. 

      "Haven't you learned already?" The girl asked, raising an eyebrow. Lovino tried to steal the ball again, but it was in the air before he could kick it away. The girl held the ball above her head, smirking. "I'm better than you." Lovino growled. "Say that again and-" 

      "I'm. Better. Than. You." The teasing smirk was enough to send Lovino into a full rage, which was exactly what the girl wanted. Lovino continued trying to get the ball until at last, he was exhausted. He fell to the ground, panting. The girl hadn't even broken a sweat. Lovino's team ran over, staring at her with reverence. They didn't even pay attention to their coach, who appear to be slowly dying on the ground near them. 

      "Um, excuse-a me, miss? I'm-a his brother and-a I have a question," Feliciano said, tugging at her shirt. The girl looked down at him. "Yeah? Sorry about your brother, by the way." Feliciano waved it off, smiling. "He-a needed it. Don't-a worry. Um, anyway, what's-a your name, veh~?" The girl raised an eyebrow. "My name is _________." Feliciano smiled. "Well, miss-a _________. Would you-a consider being our assistant coach?" 

       ________ thought for a moment. Then, she smiled and nodded. "Why not? You guys look like you should all be whipped into shape!" The team cheered and surrounded her, talking loudly. Meanwhile, Lovino lay on the ground, still recovering. "Ragazza Stupida," he mumbled, furious. "Who-a said I-a wanted her as an assistant coach, eh?" Lovino shouted at his team and the girl who had, in crude terms, kicked his ass. 

     _________ turned to him. She quickly marched up to him, knelt in front of him, and practically straddled him, getting in his face. With her left index finger, she poked him in the nose, her eyes burning into his own. "Look, dude. Your team obviously thinks you need an assistant coach, so I'll do it. You're being a prideful ass and if you want to deprive these kids of learning everything they possibly can about this sport, then you're heartless." Lovino's cheeks were scarlet, although not from anger, this time. 

      "Uh, could you-a please get off of-a me?" _______ didn't budge. "Will you let me be a part of your team?" Lovino knew she would be a pain. He knew she would be annoying. But he knew something else; she was right. She was also undeniably attractive, especially when both angry and straddling him.  "Fine," he mumbled. "Now will-a you please get off of-a me?" She nodded and rose from the ground. She turned to the team. "Well, guess I'm your assistant coach now!" 

       Another round of cheers arose from the children. Lovino couldn't help but both regret and be satisfied with his decision at the same time. 



       Foot/Soccer ball season was in full swing, now, and so far, the team was doing well. In fact, with _______'s expertise on the sport, they had made it to the championship. Lovino was yelling from the sidelines, as was _________, encouraging their players. 

       "Defense! Block the-a goal!" 

       "Not that goal! DON'T SHOOT IN THAT GOAL! The one on the other side! Come on, Antonio, we've been over this!"

      Although _______ had annoyed him at first, the two had gotten closer throughout the season, becoming friends. In fact, although neither knew it, they each had a crush on each other. Lovino always cursed at her, but she had learned that that was his way of showing affection. Now, as the game continued, with only two minutes on the clock, the pressure was on. 

     "Let's go! Come on guys! You can do this!" ________ shouted. "COME ON! YOU-A WORKED FOR THIS-A!" Lovino had to restrain from cursing, as these were kids playing, and he might get kicked out if he screamed all the profanity he wanted to. 

     A minute and a half passed quickly. Thirty seconds on the clock, the teams were tied and Lovino's team was poised to make a goal. "Let's go team! Make it in the goal! Come on, Alfred! You can do this!" The child named Alfred nodded and began the attempt at making a goal. Seeing his path blocked, he looked around for an open player. Feliciano, Lovino's brother, just happened to be open. Alfred kicked it to him and Feliciano charged forward, giving the ball a ferocious kick.

    The clocked counted down.


    The ball was in the goal just as the buzzer rang. Feliciano yelled in happiness and Alfred whooped in the joyous victory. The team pilled onto Feliciano, cheering for him and for their win. Lovino and ________, meanwhile sat in stunned silence for a moment, but then, both grinned broadly. Without thinking, they embraced each other and without really thinking about it, kissed. It was a passionate, yet gentle first kiss for both of them. About halfway through the kiss, they both realized what had happened and broke off. 

   Both their cheeks were bright red. "U-Uh, so... Great game, right?" _______ asked, giggling nervously. "S-Si. It was-a great." They stood apart awkwardly for a few moments. Then, suddenly, ________ lifted her head from staring at the ground and gave him an intense look. He stared back at her, an eyebrow raised, wondering what she was thinking.  

   She looked up at the sky then sighed. "You know what? Screw it." She leaned into him again and pressed her mouth to his. He smiled into the kiss and kissed her back. When the team came over to them, they found their coaches lip-locked, smiling. "I knew it! You owe me five bucks, Ludwig!" Alfred shouted. Ludwig, a blonde German boy, sighed and rolled his eyes. "I never bet anything, stupid." 

     The kiss was broken again in surprise. "Oh, hi guys," _______ said casually, her arms around Lovino's neck. "Great-a game, bambinos!" Lovino praised. Feliciano raised an eyebrow. "Fratello..." Feliciano gave him an urging look, as if he had known Lovino's feelings for ______ the entire time. Lovino gulped nervously then looked back at ________. "Uh, ________? Will-a you consider going on a date with-a me?" 

     She smirked slightly. "Why not? I did just makeout with you."

     Afterwards, when Lovino and _________'s team got their trophies and went home, Lovino himself left with something more 

he bane of his existence, ________. 


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